Today, we’re releasing the next major iteration of our website! We’re calling it Cypress after the lovely IKEA tree in our office at RAINBOW LAB.cypressrelease

Cypress changes the way users view and interact with search results. We’ve tried to make them clearer and more easily comparable, so that you immediately grasp what makes a service different to another. In particular, a lot of work has gone into the display of the pay-in and pay-out methods, as well as the payment location. The detailed breakdown of the fees has also been revisited, it has never been so easy to know in advance  how much fees you will pay on your next transfer. By popular demand, the results also include new information such as the amount of money received in the destination currency.

Cypress: main new features

As you can see, the blog also underwent a complete makeover! We changed its design and layout, and we’ll be using it differently to provide valuable content to different types of readers. You’ll be able to find news on the remittances market, read guides on how to send money or stay informed on TawiPay’s development.

We’ve also tweaked plenty of things behind the scenes which aren’t visible to you, the user, but which help us better manage the website’s content and plug ourselves into payment service provider’s systems. This provides you with more accurate, current and complete information on money transfer services, and will allow us to develop many new amazing features that are still to come!

An ultra-fast PHP framework powers the back-end of Cypress while the front-end is based on Bootstrap. I’d like to personally thank our amazing developer Jeremy Legrand for the work he pushed out. Congrats!

Overall, Cypress marks the beginning of a new era for us. We’re excited to hear what you think of it! Please leave your comments below or send us an e-mail.