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How to Find the Best Money Transfer to Pakistan

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Over the past three months, we compared 18 providers for transfers to Pakistan from a wide range of sending countries and found that on average Remitly was most often the cheapest provider (in 44.2% of the searches).

But Remitly might not be available in the country you're sending money from, and it might not be the cheapest for your transfer to Pakistan as the provider's pricing change depends from country to country and changes over time. This means it's always best to launch a live comparison to find the cheapest provider for your transfer.

About Money Transfers to Pakistan

Monito compares 18 providers offering international money transfer servicesto Pakistan. The total cost of the cheapest available option at any given point in the past three months was 0.7% of the transferred amount. In comparison, the total cost of the most expensive provider was on average 9.3%.

💸 Number of Providers


🏆 Avg. Cheapest Provider
💰 Avg. Lowest Total Cost


💰 Avg. Highest Total Cost


💸 Most Transferred Amount

1000 PKR

⚡ ️Fastest Transfer Time

Same day

💳 Pay-In Options

Credit card, Debit card, Bank transfer, Direct bank payment, International bank transfer, Cash

💵 Pay-Out Options

Bank account, Mobile wallet, Cash pickup, Card, Bank account (via international transfer)

👍 Recommended Providers

XE Money Transfer, WorldRemit, Instarem, Remitly, TransferGo, Wise, Skrill, Paysend, OFX, Royal Bank of Canada, World First, Xendpay, SingX

FAQ About Sending Money to Pakistan

Best-Rated Providers to Send Money to Pakistan

Cheapest Ways to Send Money to Pakistan

The cheapest way to send money to Pakistan is almost always to make an international bank transfer to a local bank account in Pakistan via a specialist money transfer provider, which you can pay by debit card or local bank transfer.

Services such as Remitly, WorldRemit, and Wise are good examples of such solutions; they offer reasonable exchange rates very close to the mid-market rate and apply transparent and low fees. These solutions will be much cheaper than making an international bank transfer to Pakistan with your bank or using PayPal, which comes with higher costs and take a considerable margin on the exchange rate when converting your money into Pakistani rupees.

Fortunately, there are dozens of excellent options out there. Run a search on Monito's real-time comparison engine to compare them all and find the best way to send money to Pakistan now:

Find the best way to send money to Pakistan in real time:

With around 9 million members of the Pakistani diaspora living abroad and regularly sending money back home, Pakistan is one of the world's biggest recipient countries of remittances.

As you'll find on Monito, there are plenty of options for sending money back to Pakistan. Our website ranks, reviews, and compares over 90 specialist money transfer providers and banks for converting your money into rupees and sending it home. We know there are many options to transfer money to Pakistan, so we compare all of the most popular ones side-by-side so you can make an informed choice!

Ultimately, the best money transfer provider for you will depend on several areas like how much you want to send, which country you're sending from, the currency you are exchanging into rupees, and a few other factors. We consider all those details and more when recommending the best way to send money to Pakistan. This page will help you find the fastest and cheapest ways to send money home. For example, we can tell you the best providers for sending money to Pakistan from the USA or the UK.

Information Needed To Send to a Bank Account in Pakistan

The following pieces of information will be needed whenever you send money to a Pakistani bank account from overseas:

  • Recipient's name: The name of the holder of the receiving bank account in Pakistan.
  • Recipient's address: For legal reasons, it's necessary to enter the postal address of the recipient (including street, city, and postal code).
  • Recipient's bank: You will need to enter the bank's name, often by selecting the name in a list, e.g. HBL or Meezan Bank.
  • IBAN: The 24-digit IBAN bank account number of the recipient.
  • Reason: Some providers might ask why you're transferring to Pakistan.

There are more than 30 banks in Pakistan. Some money transfer providers can send money to any bank in Pakistan, while others will only allow you to send it to certain banks. In most cases, however, if the recipient's bank account is with one of the most used banks in Pakistan, it should work with any of the providers we recommend.

Best Ways To Send Money to Pakistan

There are several good options for currency exchange, depending on how the person you're sending money to wants to get access to their rupees.

Sending $100 - $2,000

If you want to send money to a bank account in Pakistan, we recommend using a specialist currency provider. If you're transferring under $2,000 or equivalent, your best option is generally WorldRemit.

Sending $4,000 to $12,000

If you want to send money to a bank account in Pakistan, we recommend using a specialist currency provider. If you’re transferring under $12,000 but more than $4,000 or equivalent, your best option is Remitly.

More Than $12,000

If you're sending more than $12,000, we recommend OFX.

Banks That Can Transfer PKR to Pakistan

You can generally arrange to send rupees to the following banks: HBL, MCB Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, Meezan Bank, United Bank, and others.

Cash & Mobile Wallets

Some banks are also popular locations for picking up the cash you have transferred. If the beneficiary wants to collect rupees as cash in Pakistan without going through a bank, then providers like Remitly and WorldRemit are good options, as each offers excellent prices and vast pay-out networks, which are generally affiliated with the major Pakistani banks like Allied Bank, MCB, etc.

Of all cash transfer providers to Pakistan, WorldRemit is the cheapest on most searches on Monito, and we therefore recommend them if you're looking for the best deal on average. Not only is WorldRemit good for cash transfers, but it's also suitable for receiving money in Pakistan with mobile wallets like Upaisa, JazzCash, and Easypaisa.

What to Avoid

Besides sending money to Pakistan with your bank, we recommend you avoid using Xoom and PayPal to send money into the country from abroad, as both platforms charge high fees and exchange rates and are easily outdone by better services like Remitly.

We recommend finding the best deal in real time on our comparison engine:

Find the best way to send money to Pakistan in real time:

FAQ About the Best Ways to Send Money to Pakistan

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