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Best options to send money from the United Kingdom to Switzerland

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United Kingdom
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  • 200 GBP =259.39 CHF
    Best deal
    Monito Score8.2
  • 200 GBP =258.94 CHF
    ZERO fees on your first 5 transfers
    0.45 CHFless than with Western Union
    Monito Score8.0
  • 200 GBP =258.00 CHF
    1.40 CHFless than with Western Union
    Monito Score8.3
  • 200 GBP =226.29 CHF
    33.10 CHFless than with Western Union
  • 200 GBP =221.24 CHF
    38.15 CHFless than with Western Union
  • 200 GBP =206.98 CHF
    52.41 CHFless than with Western Union
  • 200 GBP =197.02 CHF
    62.37 CHFless than with Western Union

What are the best options for your transfer from the United Kingdom to Switzerland?

We currently compare 11 providers offering money transfers from the United Kingdom to Switzerland.

To transfer to a bank account in in Switzerland, Western Union currently offer the best deal you can get with zero transfer fees and a good GBP-CHF conversion rate (currently at 1 GBP = 1.3708 CHF).

Adding the fees and exchange rate margin, the total cost with Western Union is 0.64 GBP, but the total cost of your transfer would be 48.58 GBP (which is approximately 75x more) if you wanted to use Barclays to make the same transfer.

Two other competitive providers worth considering for your transfer are CurrencyFair and Xendpay.

You prefer the money to arrive in cash? We currently compare 2 money transfer providers able to send for cash pick-up in Switzerland: Western Union is currently the cheapest provider with 4.9 GBP for the transfer fees and a competitive GBP-CHF conversion rate (their current exchange rate is 1 GBP = 1.2605 CHF).

In comparison, the total cost of your transfer would be 17.39 GBP if you were to use MoneyGram for the very same transfer to a cash pick-up location.

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