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Find the best providers to send money to Chile

How to send money to Chile

Learn how to send money to Chile with the lowest fees and best rates in 4 easy steps

1. Check the CLP exchange rate against your own currency

Sending money on a date when the mid-market is higher than usual can help you save money. Track the evolution of the Chilean peso exchange rate and convert your money at a favorable moment.

2. Compare 9 providers sending money to Chile in order to select the best deal.

Monito's comparison engine lists 9 providers offering money transfer services to Chile, such as WorldRemit, TransferWise, Xoom, Covercy, Western Union. Going with the best service from the list is the best way to save on fees and exchange rate.

3. Choose the best option for you

What do you value the most? The total cost, speed of the transaction, customer reviews? Evaluate the pros and cons before making your choice.

In addition, you may want to consider the pay-in/out methods. Most of the time you'll find money transfer providers offering to you the option to transfer the money directly from your bank account, others will also allow you to pay with your credit and debit cards. At the other end, in Chile, look at different options if you need the money to be transferred to your recipient's account or available for pick-up in cash at an agent location.

4. Sign up and get started wih your transfer to Chile with the provider you selected

Visit the money transfer provider's website to complete the sign-up process (you most of the time have to provide some information to prove your identity), and get started with your transaction.

Whether you need to transfer money to Chile for business purposes or to send money to your friends in Santiago or your family in Concepción, Temuco or Antofagasta, it’s important to compare your options before your transfer.

When sending money to Chile from abroad, you will pay transfer fees that are usually displayed in advance, but you will also lose money in the currency conversion to convert your US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Australian Dollars (AUD), Swiss Francs (CHF) or any other currency into Chilean Pesos (CLP).

To find the cheapest solution for your transfer, you can use our live comparison engine with the form above or read more about the best providers to send money to Chile in the list below.

Best rated providers to send money to Chile

Which provider should you use for transferring money to Chile?

It’s true that there isn’t as many options to send money to Chile as for other countries, but there are still plenty of alternatives to an expensive bank transfer (banks take a big margin when converting your money into CLP).

For transfer up to a few million Chilean Pesos, online providers such as TransferWise, Transfast or Xendpay will offer you a convenient way to transfer money to a bank account in Chile. Be careful that some of these providers may have monthly limits for transfers to Chile. If you need the money to be available in cash, you can use WorldRemit or Xoom (if you send money from the US) to send money to any branches of Interservice.

If you need to transfer a larger amount to Chile, you will get an even better exchange rate by getting quotes from foreign exchange companies like Global Reach Partners, Frontierpay or Covercy.

Save money on all occasions when sending money to Chile

Send money to your friends and family

Transfers to your own savings accounts

Buy a house or a property in Chile

What information do you need to send money to a bank account in Chile

RUT number (ex. 76589875)
The RUT number (Rol Único Tributario) is a 11-digit code that everyone established in Chile receive from the Servicio de Registro Civil e identificación. It is also used by the fiscal authorities in Chile. Most money transfer solutions will ask for the RUT number of your recipient.

Bank name (ex. Banco Santander)
The name of the bank where the recipient has his account. With a lot of providers, you’ll have to select the name of the bank of your recipient in a list. In some other cases, you’ll need the SWIFT/BIC code.

To identify the bank of the beneficiary in Chile, you’ll sometimes need the SWIFT (also named BIC) code. This is a 11-character code uniquely identifying all banks in Chile.

Account number (ex. 088301601000143)
The account number of your recipient.

Name of the recipient
The name of the recipient's bank account's holder.

Banks in Chile are not part of the IBAN system, but SWIFT/BIC codes are used by all banks. In addition to the SWIFT/BIC code or the bank name, you will need the RUT number, a chilean code given by chilean authorities to everyone living in Chile.

In addition to this information, you’ll need the full name of the recipient (the person you’re sending money to).

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