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Compare 4 providers for a 300 EUR transfer from Germany to China

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Transfer 300 EUR to a bank account

Compare 4 providers

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  • Best deal
    Money-back guarantee
    Send fast deposits to Alipay and Wechat
    Preferential fee and/or exchange rate on your first transfer
    Same day

    Recipient gets

    • Pay by: Credit card, Debit card, Direct bank payment

      2,055 CNY

      2,021 CNY

    4 to 6 days

    Recipient gets

    • Pay by: Bank transfer

      2,055 CNY

      2,021 CNY

  • N26
    Locked-in exchange rates
    Germany’s leading neo-bank
    Same day

    Recipient gets

    • Pay by: Bank transfer

      2,038 CNY

    • Pay by: Direct bank payment

      2,035 CNY

    • Pay by: Debit card

      2,029 CNY

    • Pay by: Credit card

      2,007 CNY

  • Wise
    1 day

    Recipient gets

    • Pay by: Bank transfer

      2,038 CNY

    Next day

    Recipient gets

    • Pay by: Direct bank payment

      2,035 CNY

    • Pay by: Credit card, Debit card

      2,029 CNY

  • InstaReM
    10 EUR off your first transfer with code MONIEU10
    Same day

    Recipient gets

    • Pay by: Bank transfer

      2,024 CNY

    • Pay by: Debit card

      2,020 CNY

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How to send money from Germany to China at the best rate?

If the recipient of the transfer wants to receive Chinese yuans in her bank account in China, then the cheapest provider currently is Remitly, with no transfer fees and a good EUR-CNY exchange rate (their current exchange rate is 1 EUR = 6.8775 CNY).

This recommendation was updated a few minutes ago.

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Best Ways to Send Money from Germany to China

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