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How to send money from the USA to Colombia at the best rate?

If you want to transfer US dollars to a bank account in Colombian pesos in Colombia, the cheapest option is currently Wise, with 15.72 USD for the transfer fees and a competitive USD-COP conversion rate (their current rate is 1 USD = 4,310 COP).

In comparison, you would pay a total cost of 41.76 USD (which is approximately 3x more) if you were to use Wells Fargo for the very same transfer.

The recipient of your transfer doesn't have a bank account? We compare 3 providers able to send Colombian pesos in cash in Colombia: Remitly is the provider giving you the most Colombian pesos for your money with zero transfer fees and a very competitive USD-COP exchange rate (their current rate is 1 USD = 4,198.97 COP).

In comparison, the total cost would be 36.56 USD if you were to use WorldRemit to make the same transfer.

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Monito's Recommendations for Sending Money from the USA to Colombia

Today's cheapest money transfer service might not be the cheapest tomorrow. Find the one that's best suited to your needs and preference by comparing the best performers on Monito's comparison engine over the past 30 days for transfers from the USA to Colombia:

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Best Ways to Send Money from the USA to Colombia

How to Transfer Money From the US to Colombia

If you're sending money from the US to Colombia, you'll have two main options. One will be to go through your bank (which we don't recommend because of the high fees). Another option will be to use an international money transfer service.

1 — How to Transfer Money to a Colombian Bank Account

Using an online international money transfer service is the fastest and cheapest way to transfer money from the US to Colombia. There are several top online transfer platforms that offer USD to MXN transfers, including:

In general, money transfer services are the best way to send money abroad not only because they're the cheapest, but also because they're usually the fastest and easiest to use options out there. Find out more about money transfer services here.

2 — Bank Transfers From the US to Colombia

Using your bank — whether it be Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank, Capital One, or any other — is indeed a reliable option for sending money from your bank account to a bank account in Colombia. However, it's very expensive and transfers usually take a long time to arrive (between two and five business days). This is because bank transfers go over SWIFT, which involves many steps along the way.

In fact, sending money from the US to Colombia with Wells Fargo, for example, can be around 10% more expensive than making the same transfer with a top money transfer service online. It's for this reason that we generally don't recommend banks to get the job done. Learn more about why online platforms are better than banks for international transfers in our in-depth guide.

3 — Google Pay US to Colombia

A lot of people wonder whether or not they can use Google Pay to send money from the US to Colombia. Fortunately, it's possible to send money this way at this time, and, if you're sending money to a Colombian bank account, we recommend using Wise (rather than Western Union) to get the job done, as it's normally the cheaper option.

4 — Cash Transfer From the US to Colombia

A popular way to send money from the US to Colombia is using a cash pickup transfer. While MoneyGram and Western Union are popular services for delivering cash to Colombia, digital providers such as Remitly and WorldRemit usually offer better deals.

The Best Ways to Transfer Money From the United States to Colombia

When you’re transferring money from U.S. dollars (USD) to Colombian pesos (COP), you want to keep your currency exchange fees to an absolute minimum. We help you find the simplest, quickest and most secure ways to convert your money and send it from the United States to Colombia. 

Whatever your needs, we’ll save you money. Whether you’re paying your salary into your Colombian bank account, sending money to family or friends, or planning a holiday, we can help. We’ll share the cheapest and best money transfer providers, that way, the person getting the pesos has more cash in their pockets, and that’s good for both of you.

You’re Probably Paying Too Much To Send US Dollars to Colombia

U.S. residents send around $1.8 billion USD to Colombia every year. Traditional banks, PayPal and some currency exchange businesses do charge unnecessarily high fees. Combined, on the total amount that the United States sends to Colombia each year, these charges could mean up to $90 million USD in unnecessary fees — or $80 each if the 1.1 million people of Colombian descent in the U.S. are converting their dollars to pesos.

Reasons To Send Money From the United States to Colombia

There are around 450,000 people of Colombian descent who were born in the U.S. and live there, and another 700,000 Colombians who were born in Colombia or elsewhere and now call the U.S. home. People of Colombian or U.S. descent have many reasons to send money to this beautiful country:

  • Colombians working in the U.S. may want to repatriate their salary south of the border.
  • Colombians sending money to family and friends to help support them.
  • U.S. or Colombian businesses involved in importing or exporting goods or services.
  • People vacationing in Colombia.

How You Get Charged When You Transfer From USD to COP

There are three main ways you could be overpaying when you’re converting between U.S. and Colombian money:

  • Fixed fee — this is a fixed USD fee that banks and some other providers charge to convert and transfer money to Colombia. It could be as much as $40 USD
  • Percentage fee — this is a commission that you pay on the total amount you transfer, so the less you send, the less you pay. These percentage fees can range between 0.5% and 2% or more
  • The difference in the exchange rate — this is where a currency provider offers a worse exchange rate than the standard exchange rate. For example, the standard exchange rate states that 1,000 USD is worth 3,288,000 COP, but a currency provider sends 3,230,000 pesos to the beneficiary.

These fees can quickly add up, and your U.S. bank is going to be one of the most expensive ways to transfer money. You’ll save significantly on your fees if you use a specialist currency provider to send money from the United States to Colombia. For example, transferring $500 USD to Colombia would cost you less than five dollars with our top provider, but would cost over $25 with MoneyGram, or over $40 with your bank.

When we compare money transfer providers, we take all the fees into account and recommend the ones where your U.S. dollars go furthest. Note that the least expensive and fastest ways to transfer money between the United States and Colombia do change over time, and can vary depending on how much you’re sending. 

That’s why the simplest and easiest way to make sure you’re getting the best deal is to use our money transfer comparison tool.

How To Send Money From the United States to Colombia

Sending money to Colombia is fast and simple.

Paying-in and Funding Options in the United States

U.S. residents have a few ways to pay for a transfer. You can typically choose to fund a transfer with a bank transfer or a direct bank payment. Several specialist providers also allow you to pay for your transfer with a debit or credit card, although there are sometimes additional fees. 

Money Collection Options in Colombia

Estimates of the number of adults without access to banking or financial services in Colombia vary between a third and half of the population. Whatever the percentage is, it’s clear that Colombians need multiple ways to collect money, as transfers to a bank account won’t work for many people.

Fortunately, several specialist currency providers offer alternative ways to access money including cash pickup at an agent location, cash delivery to a person’s home, and airtime top-ups. Colombians can get access to funds from organizations including exito, BBVA, Carulla, Super Inter, Pagos Internacionales and more. 

Using a Forex Provider for Sending Money From the United States to Colombia

For higher-value transactions to Colombia, you may choose to transfer funds using a foreign exchange (FOREX) broker, as you will receive personalized phone or email service and may be assigned a specialist account manager. A FOREX broker may offer multiple collection options for the person receiving the funds.

The Fastest and Cheapest Providers for Sending Money to Colombia From the United States

The fees you pay to send money to Colombia can change, depending on how much you’re transferring. Because of this, we’ve compared money transfer specialists over four different amounts:

  • Very low-value transfers of 50 USD or less
  • Low-value transfers of 300 USD
  • Medium-value transfers of 1,500 USD
  • High-value transfers of 5,000 USD or more

Cheapest Ways to Transfer Money From the US to Colombia

  1. Wise with 2.95% total fees
  2. WorldRemit with 3.54% total fees
  3. Remitly with 4.34% total fees
  4. MoneyGram with 6.02% total fees

Ranked by % total fees (incl. exchange rate margin) to send US$1000.00 on average in the past 30 days.

How To Send Money to Colombia from the US Online

  1. Compare money transfer services on Monito’s real-time comparison engine
  2. Open an account online
  3. Set up your transfer using your beneficiary's bank details in Colombia
  4. Fund your transfer by bank transfer, debit or credit card
  5. Click 'Send' and — voilà! Your money is on its way 💸

The Best Ways To Receive Money In Colombia From the US

  1. Via a bank deposit with Remitly
  2. Via mobile wallet with WorldRemit
  3. Via cash pick-up with MoneyGram

Cheapest Way to Send Money From the US to Colombia

Let's start with the most expensive solutions: banks, cash-based money transfers, and mobile payments apps like Paypal are typically very expensive options when you factor in all fees (which include hidden exchange rate margin fees).

As we mentioned above, the cheapest way to transfer money internationally is to use a specialist money transfer service. They provide much more competitive rates, fees, and commissions than banks or Paypal. Their fees depend on various factors:

  • Pay-in options: Credit card, bank transfer, cash payment, etc.
  • Amount transferred from the US to Colombia: The cheapest operator will not necessarily be the same for a transfer of $500 and a transfer of $5,000.
  • Transfer speed: Does the money have to be available instantly, or can a beneficiary wait a few days?
  • Pay-out options: Will the money arrive in your beneficiary's bank account, or will they receive it in cash?

A dozen other parameters influence the price of sending money to Colombia. You should check out Monito’s live comparison tool with dozens of services to find the cheapest or fastest one for you!

Fastest Way To Send Money to Colombia From the US

It comes as no surprise that the speed of your transfer depends on the method you choose to send your money from the US to Colombia.

Online money transfer providers are typically the fastest option. For example, Instarem offers transfers that will go to the recipient's account the same day, whereas Skrill and Wise offer transfers that arrive the next business day. 

When comparing the fastest options, always be sure to also compare the exchange rate to check you’re not getting a poor deal. More information about the fastest way to send money abroad can be found in our guide.

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