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How to send money to Switzerland

Learn how to make a money transfer to Switzerland at the lowest cost in 4 easy steps

1. Check the CHF rate against your sending currency

Transfering money on the right day can help you save money. Follow the mid-market exchange rate and make your transfer at a favorable moment.

2. Select the most interesting option by comparing all companies.

There are plenty of providers able to send money to Switzerland, such as HiFX, TransferWise, Currency Solutions, Currencies Direct, CurrencyFair. Selecting the right provider from the more than 31 available options is the best way to save on costs.

3. Choose the best provider that suits your needs

Pick service with the lowest total cost, the quickiest transfer options, best customer reviews, or a good compromise.

In addition, you may want to take into account the pay-in/out methods. You may have the option to pay by sending the money from your e-banking or by credit or debit cards. On the recipient's side in Switzerland, look at different options if you need the amount in CHF to be transferred to your recipient's account or available for pick-up in cash at an agent location.

4. Sign up and start your transaction with the company of your choice

It is now time to complete the sign-up form on the provider's homepage - be prepared to give an offical ID and/or a proof of adress - and get started with your transaction.

Switzerland is a very international country and there are many reasons why you would need to send money to Switzerland. Whether you are sending money to Switzerland for business or personal matters, it is essential to compare your options before each transaction to find the providers with the best Swiss franc (CHF) exchange rates.

With our independent comparison results, we help international students studying at ETHZ or EPFL find the best providers to transfer money between their home country and Switzerland. We also help expatriates moving to Switzerland for a job in one of the international organisations in Geneva select a better alternative than their bank to transfer their money in the country, or business owners find the right solution to pay contractors or suppliers in Switzerland.

Best rated providers to send money to Switzerland

Which provider to use for transferring money to Switzerland?

As Switzerland is not part of the European Union, it is true that some of the latest money transfer providers don’t have the necessary authorisations to operate in Switzerland yet. While this limits the number of providers you can use to send money from Switzerland, there are plenty of good solutions to choose from.

Most people sending money in CHF in Switzerland transfer the money to a bank account, and many of them still do an international bank transaction for this purpose. While banks often have low (or even zero) fees, they make money by offering you poor exchange rates. By using online money transfer providers that specialize in converting money at the lowest cost possible, you can save a lot of money. Companies like TransferWise, Azimo, CurrencyFair, Xendpay or TransferGo, all offer to send money from almost anywhere in Europe and the US to Switzerland, with bank-beating exchange rates and transparent pricing.

The online services mentioned above are easy-to-use and convenient, but if you plan to make a larger transaction in CHF (say more than 5000 CHF), you may want to use the more personalized services of a foreign exchange broker. Exchange Market, b-Sharpe, Currency Solutions, Currencies Direct, OFX and The FX Firm are our recommendations for Switzerland, and we would be happy to gather the quotes from all these providers for you to help you decide which one to use.

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What information do you need to send money to a bank account in Switzerland

IBAN (ex. CH93 0076 2011 6238 5295 7)
The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international norm for identifying bank accounts.

Name of the recipient
The name of the holder of the receiving bank account..

All banks in Switzerland use the IBAN system to facilitate international transactions, meaning that the only information you need to make an international bank transfer to a bank account in Switzerland is the IBAN number of the recipient’s bank account, as well as the name of the recipient.

All the providers and banks we list on our website can send money to any bank in Switzerland. You shouldn’t need the SWIFT/BIC code or even the name of the bank, as long as you have the IBAN.

Major banks in Switzerland

Credit Suisse
Migros Bank
Crédit Agricole Financement
Zürcher Kantonal Bank
Wir Bank
Banque Cantonale de Genève
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

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