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Find the Best Rated Providers to Send Money to Poland

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Over the past three months, we compared 40 providers for transfers to Poland from a wide range of sending countries and found that on average Atlantic Money was most often the cheapest provider (in 45.3% of the searches).

But Atlantic Money might not be available in the country you're sending money from, and it might not be the cheapest for your transfer to Poland as the provider's pricing change depends from country to country and changes over time. This means it's always best to launch a live comparison to find the cheapest provider for your transfer.

About Money Transfers to Poland

Monito compares 40 providers offering international money transfer servicesto Poland. The total cost of the cheapest available option at any given point in the past three months was 1.3% of the transferred amount. In comparison, the total cost of the most expensive provider was on average 12.7%.

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CurrencyFair, XE Money Transfer, Rabobank, Remitly, Paysend, Currencies Direct, Skrill, TransferGo, Atlantic Money, Funcik,, Wise, Moneycorp, Profee, Halo Financial, Revolut, OFX, Instarem, Currency Solutions, b-Sharpe, Global66, FairFX, Xendpay, OrbitRemit, World First

FAQ About Sending Money to Poland

Best-Rated Providers to Send Money to Poland

Best Ways to Send Money to Poland

You have many options to send money to Poland. Generally, there will always be a cheaper alternative to making a simple international bank transfer. Banks may have low fees, but they generally take a big margin on the exchange rate when converting your money into PLN. Hidden intermediary bank fees can sometimes also apply.

In recent years, many new providers have emerged on the market, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by online technology to offer much cheaper money transfer services. Companies like Xendpay or Wise will even give you the mid-market exchange rate (also known as the interbank exchange rate) when converting your money while applying transparent and low transfer fees. Other companies such as TransferGo or CurrencyFair also offer very competitive pricing depending on how much you need to send.

Some money transfer operators specialised in money transfers to Poland and neighbouring countries, such as EasySendEngland.plSami SwoiMinutkaFuncik or Opal Transfer, with the advantage that all their websites are not only translated into Polish, but their customer support will also speak Polish.

If you don’t want to send money to a bank account in Poland but would rather have the money be picked up in cash at an agent location or received on a mobile wallet, you should try AzimoWorldRemit, or Western Union, who offer a wide variety of pay-out options.

Should you need to send a very large amount of money to Poland (e.g. more than 50,000 zlotys), then you will get the best deals by using a foreign exchange company such as Currency SolutionsOFX or World First.

Poles living abroad send almost 200 mio Zlotys a year back to Poland.

Stop Overpaying When Sending Money to Poland

There are approximately 20 million poles living abroad (one of the largest diaspora in the world!), and many of us still have strong ties with our home country. This means we also send money to Poland (almost 170 million zlotys in 2015), but even more could arrive if we used more efficient ways to make our international money transfers.

Whether you send money to support your family, make a gift to a close friend, or transfer money to your savings accounts in zlotys, comparing which provider will give you the best exchange rate and the lowest fees can help you save a lot on your money transfers to Poland. Use the form above to compare services for the amount you want to transfer or read the reviews of the best-rated providers above.

What Information is Needed to Send Money to a Polish Bank Account?

Banks in Poland all use the IBAN system to identify bank accounts and facilitate transfers from abroad. This means in most cases, you won’t need to have the SWIFT/BIC information of the recipient’s bank account.

With most of the providers we compare on Monito, the only information you will need from the recipient to make a transfer is their full name and IBAN number.

While not yet in the Eurozone, Poland is also part of SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area), which facilitates EUR-EUR transfers if you have a bank account in Euro in Poland.

Major banks in Poland

  • National Bank of Poland
  • PKO Bank Polski
  • HSBC Bank Poland
  • Ochrony Srodowiska
  • Bank Zachodni WBK
  • Gospodardstaw Krajowego
  • BRE Bank
  • Bank Millennium
  • Karnataka Bank

There are around 70 banks operating in Poland. As a general rule, all the banks and providers on Monito will be able to send money to all banks in Poland.

If you use one of the money transfer providers we recommend on our platform, the transfers to the recipient’s bank will be a local transfer (unless stated otherwise), meaning no fees will be applied by the receiving bank. In the contrary, if you make a direct bank transfer (which we do not recommend) using the “share cost” option (SHA), the receiving bank will generally charge you additional fees.

Sending money from the UK to Poland?

More About the Polish Diaspora

More than one out of three Poles lives outside Poland, an astonishing proportion that makes the Polish Diaspora one of the largest in the world. The Polish diaspora (also called the Polonia) is one of the most dispersed around the world. Poles represent more than 2% of the population of more than 10 countries. The largest communities of people with Polish ancestry are found in the United States (Chicago is the largest Polish city after Warsaw!), Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France.

Poles have emigrated throughout the last centuries, they were for example well represented among the first waves of emigration to the US. In recent history, since Poland joined the European Union and the Schengen Area in 2004, an important number of (mainly young) people in search of better work and career opportunities have migrated within the EU. Many of this new generation of Poles are now working in the United Kingdom, Germany, France or Ireland, representing a population of 2 million people.

In Poland, almost 70% of the people have a family member or a close friend who lives abroad. Many of these people receive remittances from their relatives.

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