About us

Monito is a comparison website for international money transfer services.

We compare and review more than 350 money transfer operators, to help you find the best option for each of your international transaction.

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Save money by sending at the right time, with the right provider.

Why you can trust Monito

We started Monito after we experienced the frustration of losing tons of money on international transfer fees ourselves. Our mission is to empower millions of people around the world to make the best decision about money transfers, and to help our customers save billions in transfer fees.

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    Global Impact Finance Ltd, Av. Ouchy 4, 1006 Lausanne

    Monito’s voice and opinion is recognized in the industry

    • Monito’s expertize is frequently requested by journalists for various media outlets, including TV, radio and newspapers. They often want to hear from an independent voice to help their audience navigate the jungle of money transfer fees and exchange rates.

    • Monito's co-founders were asked to make keynote speech at leading industry conferences such as the Global Money Transfer Summit in London as well as International Money Transfer Conference in Madrid and Istanbul. Monito also organized the first conference about transparency in the money transfer industry at the Swiss Embassy in London, alongside keynote speakers from the WorldBank, DMA and Azimo.

    "Monito is a comparison tool that enables people to find, compare and review money transfer services"

    They trust Monito

    • Awards

      Best Swiss Startup 2018 - Prix Strategis

      Best Swiss Fintech Pitch 2017 - Venture Leaders Fintech, New York

      Jury's award 2016 - PERL (Prix pour l'Entrepreneuriat Région Lausanne)

      Top 20 European Fintech Startups 2016 - TechTour

      Social Impact Award 2014 - Impact Hub Zurich

    Our Core Values

    We value the diversity each new colleague brings to the team and respect everyone's differences, but we all adhere to a set of four core values.

    These values help us define who we are as a team and guide us in our everyday decisions.

    • Focus on impact

      No impact is too small when it can scale at a global level. We grow with the needs of many in mind.

      Make sense of data

      Building knowledge from accurate data is the key to making pragmatic decisions.

    • Earn trust every day

      Trust is our biggest asset. Independence and transparency are its safeguard.

      Transcend frontiers

      We have the audacity to become the change we seek in the world.

    Everyone wins, except expensive solutions

    With our model, the only losers are banks with excessive fees and bad exchange rates, or the money transfer providers you’ll stop using!

    To ensure our independence, we always use transparent, objective and verifiable criteria in our comparison. No provider can buy their way to the top of our results.

    We include as many providers as possible in our comparison and have partnerships with almost all major and innovative providers.

    We make sure you never pay more than if you went directly to the provider of your choice. We even negotiate special offers for you with many of our partners.

    You save money on your transfer by selecting the cheapest provider on Monito. Our service is 100% free for our customers.

    The best providers earn new customers without expensive marketing. This helps keep their costs (and prices) low.

    Monito receives a referral fee from the provider you selected. This enables us to offer our service to you for free.

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