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Apr 19, 2023
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We started Monito after we experienced the frustration of losing tons of money on international transfer fees ourselves.

We are now on a mission to empower millions of people around the world to make the best decisions about their money transfers, and to help them save billions in transfer fees.

Our Reach

🌎 Global Reach

1,800,000+ monthly readers in 120+ countries

🔍 Trusted Solution

680,000+ comparisons made every month

💰 Customer Savings

$75 million in fees saved by users to date

🌍 International Team

Made in Switzerland with a team of 16 nationalities

📊 Industry Expert

200+ services reviewed

📚 In-Depth Research

1,000+ guides written

Our Core Values

As we work toward our mission at Monito, we embrace the unique perspectives each team member brings and we appreciate our differences. Together, we are united by a set of four core values that define our team and inform our everyday decisions.

  • Focus on Impact: We believe that no impact is too small when it can be scaled at a global level. We continuously strive to meet the needs of many.
  • Make Sense of Data: We understand the importance of making informed, pragmatic decisions based on accurate data.
  • Earn Trust Every Day: Trust is our most valuable asset. We value independence and transparency as essential safeguards.
  • Transcend Frontiers: We are committed to pursuing ambitious goals and have the courage to become the change we seek in the world.

With our model, the only losers are banks with excessive fees and bad exchange rates or the money transfer providers you'll stop using!

Monito's Comparison Engine

Instead of showing you banner ads or hiding our content behind a paywall, Monito earns money through commissions from some providers we link on our site. While we cannot consider every available product, we try to scout the market for the best payout options. This includes bank accounts, cash pick-up, mobile wallets, and brokers — more comprehensive than any other money transfer comparison site.

Our extensive range of trusted partners enables us to make detailed, unbiased, and solution-driven recommendations in 11 languages (an industry most). Everyone wins by matching you with the best providers, except for expensive solutions.

We include 99 providers in our real-time comparison engine (over 75 more than other leading sites) and have partnerships with almost all major and innovative companies. You will never pay more than if you went directly to the provider of your choice. We even negotiate special offers for you with many of our partners.

Our independence is upheld through transparent, objective and verifiable criteria in our evaluations and comparisons, as exemplified by our proprietary Monito Score. No provider can buy their way to the top of our results.

How Monito Makes Money

In order to support and grow Monito's independent editorial team and live comparison tools and to continue providing these resources 100% free to our readers, we earn money through affiliate commissions and advertising. Here's how each works:

1. Affiliate Commissions

When you click on links to a brand or product listed on Monito, we may earn an affiliate commission from our partners.

2. Advertising

We may earn advertising revenues by displaying third-party ads in our articles or videos and providing paid placements or 'Partner Spotlights' within our content. The payments we receive for those placements can affect how and where advertisers' offers appear on the site.

  • 1. Save money on your transfer by selecting the cheapest provider on Monito. Our service is 100% free for our customers.

  • 2. The best providers earn new customers without expensive marketing. This helps keep their costs (and prices) low.

  • 3. Monito receives a referral fee from the provider you selected. This enables us to offer our service to you for free.

What Readers Have To Say About Monito

  • As a freelancer in the EU with only international clients, I always recommend to my clients to check Monito when they pay me. It's saved them and me quite some money.


    Lorena, Germany

    Monito user since 2021

  • If it wasn't for Monito, I'd still be sending money with my main bank and losing out on bad FX rates!


    Thomas, United Kingdom

    Monito user since 2023

  • Superb website for comparing options when transferring money abroad. The online chat was really helpful as well, providing me instantaneous replies!


    Eliot, Malaysia

    Monito user since 2019

Our Editorial Standards

At Monito, we deeply appreciate the trust our customers have in us when it comes to their financial matters. We hold ourselves to the highest editorial standards to provide accurate, unbiased, and up-to-date content. Our aim is to empower our readers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their international finances.

Our Principles

  • Relatable: We understand the problems our users face: high fees and exchange rates, lack of transparency, and cluttered financial jargon — and we care deeply about solving them in a friendly, scannable, localised, and engaging way.
  • Trusted: We build trust into everything we write by calling up customer reps, testing out accounts, poring over T&Cs, providing plenty of examples and alternatives, and filling spreadsheets with fee calculations.
  • Savvy: We find hacks and shortcuts to help our customers make the most out of their money, whether it’s withdrawing cash in the local currency while abroad to avoid DCCs or converting money in the Revolut app ahead of your weekend abroad to avoid weekend fees.
  • Opinionated: While there’s seldom a “one size fits all” solution to any problem, we’re not afraid to make our opinions clear by letting our readers know what we think they should do when confronted with different questions and concerns.
  • Actionable: We share information that can be acted upon, not just thought about. Every word, sentence, and paragraph must serve a clear purpose: to inform our readers with the latest and most up-to-date information to guide their decisions.

Monito Score

Our proprietary Monito Score is a data-driven money transfer review that uses an evaluation based on 30 criteria organised into 4 categories:

  1. Trust & Credibility;
  2. Service Quality;
  3. Fees & Exchange Rates;
  4. Customer Satisfaction.

This allows us to offer an objective, trustworthy, and completely unbiased comparison of different money transfer providers. Our strict standards mean that no provider can buy their way to the top of our results.

AI Policy

In addition to the Monito Score and our comparison engine, we write extensive provider reviews and money transfer guides in 11 languages. Here at Monito, real humans write each and every one of our guides. While many major content producers in the industry are using AI to write articles, our experts continue to hand-test products, conduct thorough research, and write clear recommendations for each use case.

We understand the potential of AI technology, but we have seen it make poor recommendations too — largely because it lacks the data and human experiences that we have nurtured for over 10 years. This is why we commit to producing the highest quality money transfer information available around the world for humans, by humans.

Our Editorial Team

Meet our leadership:

  • François Briod: François, Monito's Co-Founder and CEO, is an acclaimed keynote speaker in the money transfer industry. He has been guiding readers through complex fees for over 10 years.
  • Laurent Oberholzer: Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, Laurent has been interviewed in numerous media outlets, and graduated summa cum laude from ETH Zurich in Quantitative Finance.
  • Pascal Briod: Co-Founder and Head of Product at Monito, Pascal is a published author on international remittances and a UX design expert, who has interviewed countless customers about their transfers.

Meet our international team of writers:

  • Byron Mühlberg: Former journalist, Byron is passionate about the convergence of personal finance and technology and seeks to present intricate details in a digestible manner.
  • Cecilia Gibson: Cecilia, a journalist and digital marketing expert, assists Portuguese readers with navigating exchange rates and saving on remittances.
  • Gabrielle Lorion: Gabrielle, French Monito's French writer with a degree in finance, strives to make personal finance management accessible to all.
  • Jan Watermann: As a digital nomad, Jan is an expert in cross-border money transfers and globalisation. He shares his knowledge toward German-speaking regions.
  • Jarrod Suda: Jarrod brings his experiences in the US, Japan, and Switzerland to Monito's English-speaking readers. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2016 and is certified in financial valuation analysis.
  • Lorenzo Baldassarre: Lorenzo is an Italian content writer for Monito. He lives in Rome, has travelled extensively and is passionate about finance and its digital transition.
  • Madi Morales: Madi, a research expert and writer by vocation, shares her knowledge on a large scale as Monito's writer in Spanish.
  • Mariia Ivankina: Mariia moved from Russia to the UK in 2020. Understanding first-hand the hurdles to opening an account overseas, she writes with Monito in Russian.
  • Melike Turran: Melike has been living a digital nomad life for many years. She shares her knowledge in international money transfers with Monito readers in Turkish.
  • Monika Macur: Monika is a digital nomad who shares her knowledge and expertise on international money transfers, fin-tech, and neobanking with Polish Monito readers.
  • Nataliya Kurovtseva: Nataliya, with a Master's in Accounting and experience in the Ukrainian Parliament's Finance Committee, writes about finance in Ukranian.

Our YouTube Channel

After launching our first video in December 2021, our YouTube channel gained over 6K subscribers (in 12 months!) and has garnered well over 1 millions views and counting. We apply the exact same high editorial standards to our video content as we do to our written guides.

Meet our video creator and editor:

  • Jonny Pease: Jonny combines his expertise in business and finance with his extensive experience as a successful content creator to provide accessible video content in English.

Discover a wealth of knowledge on international money transfers, digital banking, and more by visiting Monito's rapidly growing YouTube channel:

Our Awards

Best Swiss Startup 2018 — Prix Strategis

Best Swiss Fintech Pitch 2017 — Venture Leaders Fintech, New York

Jury's Award 2016 — PERL (Prix pour l'Entrepreneuriat Région Lausanne)

Top 20 European Fintech Startups 2016 — TechTour

Social Impact Award 2014 — Impact Hub Zurich

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Monito Is an Industry-Leading Voice

Media outlets frequently seek Monito's independent expertise to help their audience navigate the complicated world of money transfer fees and exchange rates (read about Monito in the press).

Monito's co-founders have also been keynote speakers at industry conferences such as the Global Money Transfer Summit and International Money Transfer Conference in Madrid and Istanbul, while Monito organised the first transparency conference in the money transfer industry at the Swiss Embassy in London with keynote speakers from the WorldBank, DMA, and Azimo.

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Why Trust Monito?

You’re probably all too familiar with the often outrageous cost of sending money abroad. After facing this frustration themselves back in 2013, co-founders François, Laurent, and Pascal launched a real-time comparison engine to compare the best money transfer services across the globe. Today, Monito’s award-winning comparisons, reviews, and guides are trusted by around 8 million people each year and our recommendations are backed by millions of pricing data points and dozens of expert tests — all allowing you to make the savviest decisions with confidence.

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  • Monito is trusted by 15+ million users across the globe.

  • Monito's experts spend hours researching and testing services so that you don't have to.

  • Our recommendations are always unbiased and independent.

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Affiliate Disclosure
Instead of banner ads and paywalls, Monito makes money through affiliate links to the various payment service providers featured on our website. While we work hard to scout the market for the best deals, we're unable to consider every possible product available to you. Our extensive range of trusted affiliate partners enables us to make detailed, unbiased, and solution-driven recommendations for all types of consumer questions and problems. This allows us to match our users with the right providers to suit their needs and, in doing so, match our providers with new customers, creating a win-win for everybody involved. However, while some links on Monito may indeed earn us a commission, this fact never impacts the independence and integrity of our opinions, recommendations, and evaluations.