Today is the third International Day of Family Remittances, the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the more than 200 million migrants around the world who send money home regularly to support their families.

The contributions of migrants to the development of their home country still needs to be better recognized and better understood by the public. For this reason, together with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), we are launching today a global survey on remittances. The survey will be broadcasted through IOM missions and partners and the results will be published on our blog.

If you are a migrant and sometimes send money to your country of origin, make your voice count and participate in the survey.

Participate in the survey

The International Day of Family Remittances also has the goal to unite all stakeholders of the remittances industry behind the pledge of enhancing innovative financial technology, providing greater efficiency and lowering the cost of a more accessible financial sector to all in order to enable poor people to control their financial lives and to be agents of chance.

Of course, Monito stands behind these objectives as our comparison website was founded with the mission of bringing transparency to the industry to lower the cost of international money transfers for all.