Product design at TawiPay is a very iterative process, as we are relentlessly tweaking and improving small aspects of our website on a weekly basis to offer a better experience to our users.

Today, we are very happy to announce the release of a
major iteration of our website, which gives TawiPay a new look and feel, more in line with our user expectations.


What we learned from our many user testing sessions was that our previous homepage looked a bit too simplistic and basic, and that many first-comers were confused about what service was offered by TawiPay.

We therefore decided to give our website a more dynamic and modern look, as well as a more personal feel with a prominent picture of the people we help to save money featured on our homepage. We also added the reason why we founded TawiPay at the bottom of each page of our website, because we realized many of you care about our mission and our story.
To make it very clear that we are a comparison website and not a money transfer service, our homepage now features the logos of some of the companies we compare. We also updated the three-step explanation to make it easier to understand, and added a FAQ section on our homepage to directly address the most common issues encountered by our users.

Importants pages such as our “About us” section, our FAQ or our “Ultimate Guide to Send Money Abroadhave been completely revamped.

We are already working on major improvements in the way we display comparison results and on a lot of very exciting features for the near future, so stay tuned !

I would love to hear from you, so if you have any feedback on our new interface or if you discover a bug that we missed, please send me an email at

User Testnig at TawiPay