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Sending money is about all about people. One person sends money, another person receives it. Today we’d like to tell you about one person, the people in his life, and why he needs to send money to India.

Anish is originally from Pune, India. His dad, Raj, has been cutting hair for over 40 years and owns his own barber shop, which he inherited from his own father. His mom, Anusha, is a retired schoolteacher. Anish also has a younger sibling–his sister Priya is a university student currently studying in London. Anish’s maternal grandmother is also still alive, and lives with his parents.

Anish studied in Mumbai, and had a chance to attend graduate school in Washington state. Right before graduated, he received a job offer to work as a software developer in California. So he moved with his girlfriend (now wife) to Sunnyvale, a town in Silicon Valley. They settled down, bought a townhouse and have a 3-year-old daughter.

Life is good, and Anish feels really fortunate to be doing a job he enjoys and is happy to have a decent amount of work-life balance, a rarity in his field. He feels that he owes a lot to his parents–they worked long hours and put all of their money towards his education. But his mother retired a bit early–mainly to take care of her own mother, who suffers from Parkinson’s and needs constant care. And now that his sister is in graduate school, he knows it’s tough for his parents to support her. London is an expensive city–it costs far more to live there than it did for Anish to live in Mumbai, where he studied. But when she received a chance to study abroad with a small stipend, her family encouraged her to embrace it and as with many things in life, they thought–we’ll figure it out.

Anish likes to help his family out financially as much as he can. In addition to sending money to his sister, he also sends money to his parents. They often have significant medical expenses related to his grandmother’s health, and business at the barbershop has been up and down over the past few years.  

Between his parents and his sister, Anish sends money overseas regularly. He started using MoneyGram because it enables so many flexible options, from bank-to-bank or card-to-bank online transfers via the mobile app to cash-pickups at agent locations (plus, there’s a MoneyGram agent next door to his dad’s barbershop!) He also feels that he can trust MoneyGram to execute a transfer and that will keep his money safe.

Anish sends money overseas regularly. He started using MoneyGram because it enables so many flexible options, from bank-to-bank or card-to-bank online transfers via the mobile app to cash-pickups at agent locations.

For the most part, he does everything online on MoneyGram’s website or via the mobile app. Anish usually sends money via MoneyGram directly from his bank account, but he’s also paid with a debit and credit card. For example, last month he was traveling and realized he didn’t have his all his bank account details with him, so he made a transfer to his dad using his debit card. And last year he wanted to make a last-minute payment but he’d lost his debit card and was waiting for a replacement, so he paid with his credit card.

When he sends money to his parents for his grandmother’s medical bills, or to help them pay other bills, he often sends it directly to their Indian bank account. His mom used to teach engineering and has embraced all things digital, and she manages most of the household and hospital bills.  So she prefers to receive the money directly in the bank account, so she can immediately access the fund and pay local bills online.

But Anish’s dad is a bit old school, and often wants cash to buy new equipment for the barbershop or to pay the shop’s electric bill in person at the local electric company, so Anish sends the money for cash pickup at the MoneyGram money transfer agency next door to the barbershop. It’s actually part of a travel agency, and the owner is a friend of his dad’s, so when his dad collects the money he often uses the cash pickup errand as an excuse to have a quick catch up with his friend, too.   

When Anish sends money to his sister. He usually sends it directly to her UK bank account (except for that time she got stranded in Rome because her wallet got stolen–in that instance, he sent money to a nearby agent for cash pickup!). His sister is also going to be doing some volunteer work in Zimbabwe this summer, and he noticed that it’s possible to send money with MoneyGram to a mobile wallet there if they are part of the Econet Wireless network, so he might opt for that when she heads over there.

For Anish, his family is number one, and his busy schedule paired the fact that his family has a variety of  preferences means he needs a simple solution for his money transfer needs. He’s grateful that he can provide financial help for his sister and his parents, and is happy that he can manage the payments in one place.


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