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Last updated May 2, 2016
Written by Monito Team

This article is the first in the Spotlight series!

The Spotlight series aims at helping people who send money abroad get all the information they need on key money transfer companies, and follow the latest trends of the money transfer industry. After several years spent comparing money transfer companies at TawiPay, we often get asked the same questions such as “Can I trust this company?, “How reliable are they?”, or “How easy will it be to send my money with them?”. Sending money is a very sensitive matter. While our website provides you with all the data: who is the cheapest, fastest, etc., we also found out that there is a lot more you need to know. Things that aren’t only reflected by numbers, like the ease of use of a service, their reliability, and their culture. The aim of the Spotlight series is to provide you with all this information through an independent review and in-depth analysis.

We asked our experts to gather all their insights in one single place. They went behind the scenes, did interviews and prepared detailed analyses, to tell you everything you might need to know before using a money transfer company. Every month, we will provide TawiPay users with a comprehensive assessment of one key company. This is just the beginning, as we will be progressively putting the spotlight on all the key money transfer companies. So stay tuned!

For our first edition, we are pleased to put TransferGo in the spotlight. TransferGo offers a 100% digital international money transfer service. Based in London, they were founded by Lithuanians migrants who faced the challenge and costs of sending money abroad. Their promise is to “simplify the life of blue collar workers by enabling them to send money home cheaper, quicker and more conveniently”. Since their launch, they have been bringing lots of innovation to the industry, focusing on the cost and speed of sending money abroad. Take a look at our detailed review of their service.

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During the entire month we will be sharing exclusive interviews, insights and tips brought to us by TransferGo, to help you to follow the latest trends of the international money transfer industry. Stay tuned for more information.