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Mid-Market Exchange Rate

The Mid-Market Exchange Rate is the currency exchange rate that banks use when transferring money with each other. Every currency pair has a different standard exchange rate, which is driven by worldwide and regional economic factors.

For example, there will be a mid-market exchange rate between the US dollar and the Euro, which will fluctuate according to imports, exports, trade agreements, economic conditions and other trends. The mid-market exchange rate is equivalent to the midpoint between the buying and the selling prices of the two currencies.

Ideally, you will want to find a currency exchange provider who transfers money between currencies as close to the mid-market exchange rate as possible. Since most currency providers and banks make money from the difference between the mid-market exchange rate and what they charge (known as the spread), the closer you are to this exchange rate, the more money the beneficiary will receive.

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    Mid-market Exchange Rate — Related terms

    Mid-market Exchange Rate is a term with many synonyms. Interbank exchange rate and standard exchange rate are also commonly used.

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