Sending money abroad online is now easier than ever, but how simple is it really?

After TransferWise last week, today we are analyzing the user experience of online money transfer service TransferGo, one of the new players in the industry aiming to make sending money both fast and cheap.

This post is the second of blog post series leading to the release of an in-depth benchmarking study on the user experience of sending money online with ten leading providers.

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We selected random users who had never heard of TransferGo before and asked them to visit the provider’s homepage and simulate making a transfer. Throughout the process, we observed how they interacted with the website thanks to Userbrain’s remote-testing tool, which records users’ screens along with their oral commentary.

In this post, we will share with you the first impressions of our users when discovering TransferGo’s website for the first time, how easily they were able to open an account and set-up their transfer, if they trusted TransferGo, and how they rated their overall experience.

A homepage with real people behind it

TransferGo’s homepage has quite a lot of content, but it is well laid out throughout the page. Most users happily scrolled through it, quickly understanding that they could use TransferGo to send money abroad at a better price than with their banks.

TransferGo’s welcoming homepage

What makes TransferGo’s landing page stand out is the emphasis on testimonials. Not only are there several pictures and stories of happy customers further down the page, the first thing you see when arriving on TransferGo is the image of one of their users. Just below the tagline, the next thing you can read is her three-line testimonial about how she sends money to Lithuania with TransferGo.

Add to that the pictures of the support team at the end of the page and you get a homepage full of people, and our testers took notice:

“The website looks good and professional, testimonials are always good. I see friendly faces, everybody is happy.”

“It’s a pretty nicely laid-out website, looks like real people.”

And we checked, all the people featured on TransferGo’s site are actual customers, which does make their stories more relatable!

On a less positive note, almost all of our testers saw a pop-up offering them a coupon for a discount “before they leave” within a few seconds of visiting the site. It seems like TransferGo could fine-tune the triggering of this exit-intent pop-up to make it less annoying and more valuable to their users (some of which did appreciate the discount).


Straightforward sign-up process

All our testers agreed that opening an account on TransferGo is a very simple process.

“All I had to do was a click on “Get started” and enter my email and a password and then it took me right in!”

Immediately after signing up, users are greeted with an overlay explaining the three steps of the transfer process, which many of our testers found useful to read before starting. All of them were able to go through the various steps without a problem.

“Okay, I think I understand all this, it’s very simple, I think I know everything that’s going on.”

The only small hiccup some of our testers encountered was at the time of entering their address. In addition to the traditional form with the fields “address”, “postal code” and “city”,  users first see a search field where users can start typing their address and then select one from the dynamic list. This is probably a very handy tool to accelerate the process in many cases, but for users who want to copy their full address in the search field (which our testers did to use the address provided by the instructions), the functionality doesn’t work as expected and the error message is confusing.

Overall, setting up your transfer with TransferGo is as straightforward as can be:

“The sign-up was very easy, it was easier than the first time that I tried to use PayPal to send money.”


Users know what they pay and what the recipient gets

TransferGo’s simple fee structure (a fixed fee of £0.99 (or equivalent) for all their standard transfers) was well understood by our first-time users. The information about the fees, the exchange rate and the amount received in the receiving currency is repeated at each step of the process, which our testers appreciated a lot. 

A user setting up his transfer with TransferGo

“It is really easy to understand, I can see what the exchange rate is and how much I will pay in fees.”

“The fees were easily discoverable, it shows you multiple times what the fees will be and also tells you what percent they will charge for the conversion”.

“The transparency on the fees is perfect, I can see what the fees are plus the markup.”

While the last two users are right to say that TransferGo discloses the markup on currency conversions, they only do so on their homepage where they state that the margin they take on the mid-market rate is between 0.6% and 1.5%. TransferGo could be even more transparent and indicate the exact margin applied to each individual transfer.

Users found that the cost of sending money with TransferGo was more than fair (some even thought it might be too good to be true). The comparison with the same transfer with a bank struck a chord with several testers.

In addition to their standard next day delivery, TransferGo also offers the possibility of same-day or 30-minute delivery in certain corridors. It’s very easy to see the additional cost associated with these faster options, as well as to know exactly when the money will be available for the recipient.


Transparency brings trust

While some of the users who tested TransferWise last week had vaguely heard about them, TransferGo isn’t (yet) a well-known brand among the general public, which explains why none of the users in our panel had heard about them before.

So it is only right that most users told us that they would do a bit of research on independent websites (they can read our full review of TransferGo for example) to validate the legitimacy of TransferGo before making their first transfer.

That being said, they all agree that TransferGo looks trustworthy:

“I think it looks trustworthy, I would review it online before trusting it with my money”

“I think that I would trust Transfergo for my transfers because they seem very transparent and upfront and that a lot of people have used this service, I don’t get any bad feelings.”

“It tells you that there are a lot of people using it, there are the user stories, the Trustpilot reviews, the security information, a blog, the FAQ.”

The customer stories help bringing trust in TransferGo’s services

An excellent first impression

When asked to rate their overall experience, users were very happy and gave TransferGo a very good evaluation.

“I would give TransferGo a 9 or a 10, it was really easy to find my way around it and enter my information.” 

“This sounds too good to be true, this is really amazing. It’s good when you’re in another country and need to pay bills back home” 

“Overall you have an excellent service, I was impressed, the only negative is asking for personal information.”

“It is super simple and uncomplicated to make a transfer with TransferGo”

“I think it would be very easy to send money, I’m actually gonna bookmark this site because it’s a pretty cool website”.


In addition to being true to their mission of making sending money home fast and cheap for their users, TransferGo is well positioned to be amongst the providers offering the best possible experience when sending money online.

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