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Find the best providers to send money to Guatemala

Sending money to Guatemala, whether you transfer from Mexico, from the US or any other country, can be very expensive if you don’t use the right provider.

Banks and traditional money transfer providers will apply very poor exchange rates when converting your dollars or pesos into Quetzales, while often charging costly transfers fees. If you want more money reaching Guatemala, compare your options to find the providers with the best exchange rates and lowest fees.

Best rated providers to send money to to Guatemala

Which provider should you use for transferring money to Guatemala?

There are an increasing number of alternatives to send money to Guatemala, especially if you’re transferring money from North America or Europe, where a lot of innovative providers are now competing with banks and traditional players. For transfers from Mexico to Guatemala, your choices are still somewhat more limited at the moment.

Services such as Remitly, Transfast, Ria, WorldRemit, Xoom or Azimo (only available from Europe) are all offering money transfers to Guatemala, with either the option to receive the money in cash at one of the location of their respective networks or to send the money directly to a bank account in Guatemala.

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More about the Guatemalan Diaspora

Almost ten percent of Guatemalan people are living outside Guatemala, with the vast majority of them established in the United States, where they represents more than a million people (with important communities in California, Delaware, Florida and New York). Guatemalo-americanos represents the 5th largest Latino community in the US.

Other countries hosting a lot of Guatemalcos are also found in Canada, as well as in neighbouring Mexico, Honduras, Belize and El Salvador.

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