Sending money abroad online is now easier than ever, but how simple is it really?

Azimo is one of several innovative companies aiming to make transferring money abroad online and from your smartphone an easy task. We are excited to include them in our 10-blog-post series detailing the user experience of sending money online.

If you’d like to obtain all the insights of our benchmark study (created in conjunction with the user-testing tool Userbrain), you can read the full report using the link below. The report will be published in June.



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To evaluate how easy it really is to send money with Azimo online, we tasked a panel of randomly selected users to try and make a transfer of £250 from the United Kingdom to a fictional friend living in Paris. We used the remote user-testing tool Userbrain to record the users’ screens and oral commentary.


Azimo as a global money transfer provider

Many providers opt to have a cost calculator on their homepage from where users can directly sign-up. But Azimo takes a different approach and first asks visitors to select the country they want to send money to before redirecting them to another landing page. This is more similar to the approach by WorldRemit.

Most of our users navigated fairly quickly between those two pages before signing-up with Azimo:

“You land on the homepage and you can straightaway select the country you want to send money to, I was basically sending money within ten minutes.”

Those who stayed slightly longer on the homepage were impressed by the number of countries but also the number of different payout options offered by Azimo (Direct to bank, Cash pick-up, SWIFT, Home Delivery, Mobile top-up, Mobile Wallet), although some of those options weren’t always clear.

“I can send money around the world, there’s all kind of different ways I can send money to somebody, electronically or directly to them as cash.”

“Here they are a lot of options to receive the money”

Overall, Azimo makes a solid first impression:

“I like the colors, the images and the illustrations.”  

“Overall the layout of the website is good.” 

“It feels like it made it relatively simple for me to get to where I want to.”


Our users didn’t all agree on the “old lady character” image on the right of the homepage, some of them found it “cute” while others thought this meant Azimo was a website targeting an older audience and wished for pictures that they could more easily relate to.

A well optimized sign-up process

All our users were able to sign-up and open an account with Azimo within a few minutes, without any major hurdles.

“The sign-up process is so easy, there’s nothing complicated, I’ll give Azimo 10/10”.

“So far it’s pretty easy, you can see how many steps you have to do, what you have done, you can edit any step without changing the page.” 

“It was super easy to sign-up, maybe even too easy.”

“The process is actually quite simple, I do like the interface that feels nice and well-researched. It was quite easy to sign-up, I didn’t encounter any problems.”

“It was easier to sign up on this site compared to most other websites, even when money isn’t involved.” 

For first-time users clicking on “Send money now,” it would have make more sense to land on  the “Create an account” screen rather than on the “Welcome back to Azimo” screen, but most users found the link to sign up immediately (or came back to the homepage and clicked on the sign-up button at the top right of the page).

“Oh … that’s for login here, let’s try again with signup.”

The transition between the account creation and the transfer process is seamless, so much so that some users got confused and thought they had to re-enter information about themselves when in fact they had to enter information about the receiving country and currencies as well as the recipient details.

“Oh I think I just missed something, it says who are you sending money to, I didn’t recognize that and I just started entering my normal information. […]  I think that’s quite a big thing that you can easily miss… maybe there should be an additional explanation.”

The fact that our testers were asked to choose between EUR and USD for the receiving currency of a transfer to France was also slightly confusing, one of them suggested that selecting EUR by default would make sense here.

Another small detail one of our users noted: The amount he already entered on the landing page wasn’t saved and he had to re-enter it during the transfer process.


Beyond the “fee-free” first transfer

Azimo offers one  “fee-free” transfer to all their new customers, which our testers all appreciated. But this made it a bit complicated for our users to know how much their transfers would cost in the future.

“I guess my transfer is free, but I don’t know how much it would have cost… “

“The message was that my first transfer will be free, I’m not being charged for this particular transaction, I’m not sure what it would be for future transactions.”

“I see here the rate and the fee which is zero, that’s interesting, there is no fees? Interesting!”

The standard fees and exchange rate are displayed on the landing page “Send money to France”, but not very prominently, and many of our users missed this important information.

“I haven’t seen the fees yet, how much does it cost, what is the percentage?”

“Maybe the fees should be a bit larger or in red so that I can see the fees … I missed it the first time.”

“So the fees is 0.00 GBP, so we’re not being charged a fee I assume, I’m a little bit confused because on the initial page it said 0.99 GBP fees…”

Those who found the detailed fee information thought Azimo’s fees were very competitive.

“So 250 GBP gives me 283.03 EUR, here is the exchange rate, and the fees are 0.99 GBP, this is great, this is very low.”

“There’s a fee of only 0.99 GBP for sending the money.”

Azimo always displays the amount received in the receiving currency (for example “Sophie gets 281,67 EUR” next to the amount sent in the sending currency (for example, “You send 250 GBP”) alongside the exchange rate. But users who want to know more about how much they lose on the exchange rate needs to go to Azimo’s “How-it works” section, where they only find a broad range and average fees.  

The fees and exchange rate margin as explained on Azimo’s “How-it works” page


“They take from 0.1% – 2.25% of the money I’m transferring + £1.99 as a fee, if I get that right…it seems like a significant saving.”

“The fees are great (and it’s no fees for the first transfer), yes the rate is a bit different, but it’s not a big difference, it’s okay I can accept it, the process overall is very easy.”

Users who didn’t take the time to visit the “How-it works” tab were mostly oblivious to the fact that Azimo is taking a margin on the exchange rate in addition to charging transfer fees.

“So from what I understand I don’t have to pay anything…”

Our testers would trust Azimo with their own money


Azimo’s clean and professional layout, combined with references from well-known newspapers, validation from big credit-card brands, a secure certificate and good Trustpilot reviews were all important trust factors for our users.

” I saw on the homepage that it had some references of newspapers, I take that stuff seriously so I trust it.”

“Yeah, Azimo seems trustworthy, the design looks very normal, this looks pretty legit, and the Trustpilot reviews make it more trustworthy.”

“It’s good it got verifications from credit card companies”

“Five stars on Trustpilot, that’s good to know.”

“I do think it is trustworthy, looking at the Trustpilot scores and the support of Visa and Mastercard, what I would do is probably looki at videos of people reviewing the site on google.”

“I see that there is a secure certificate, which is important when using money transfer services.”

When asked to rate their overall experience on the platform, our testers gave Azimo between 8/10 and 9/10 and all felt it would be very easy to send money abroad with Azimo.

“I would give Azimo a 9/10, it was super easy and it looks like it would be easy to finalize the transfer.”

Some were even excited to start using it right away for their own transfer needs:

“It’s great, I would like to test this website right now, I’m wasting money on other solutions at the moment, I would love to try it.”


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Get the detailed analysis of the user experience of Azimo and nine other leading online money transfer companies in our full report. 


Read the full report – it’s  free

We would like to thank Userbrain for providing us with the panel of testers for this analysis of Azimo’s website. If you would like to start testing your website and receive a constant stream of feedback, give UserBrain a try!