Today's highest US dollars - Philippine peso exchange rates

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Compare USD-PHP exchange rates and fees before your next money transfer

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Sending 100 USD with Your recipient gets Exchange rate Fees
5,760.62 PHP Check rates WorldRemit USD to PHP rate:
1 USD = 57.6062 PHP
5,740.00 PHP Check rates Remitly USD to PHP rate:
1 USD = 57.4000 PHP
5,735.19 PHP Check rates Panda Remit USD to PHP rate:
1 USD = 57.3519 PHP
5,682.61 PHP Check rates Instarem USD to PHP rate:
1 USD = 56.8261 PHP
5,630.85 PHP Check rates Revolut USD to PHP rate:
1 USD = 56.7340 PHP
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How To Get the Highest Exchange Rate From US Dollar to Philippine Peso

The best way to take advantage of the current mid-market exchange rate from USD to PHP is to use Monito's comparison engine, which searches for trusted international money transfer services that apply strong rates and low commission fees:

  1. Check the USD to PHP mid-market exchange rate;
  2. Use Monito to compare services with low fees and strong rates;
  3. Sign up for the service with the highest rates and lowest fees;
  4. Confirm your transfer to the Philippines.
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Where To Get the Best Highest Exchange Rate From USD to PHP

Remitly has far and away provided the best, cheapest transfers for the Dollar to the Philippine peso from July 2021 to July 2022 on Monito.

While Wise has been the second cheapest on average during this 12-month period, and Small World has come in at third, neither come close to Remitly.

Big US banks can send your US dollars to the Philippines, but they often apply weak exchange rates and they charge high fees. International money transfer specialists almost always offer lower transfer fees and better exchange rates when sending money to the Philippines.

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Western Union is incredibly expensive when compared to the top 3 providers for USD to PHP. In fact, Western Union did not even make the top 10 for providers who offer high dollar to peso exchange rates.

About the USD to PHP exchange rate: How much is $1 US to Philippine Peso today?

Conversion Rates USD/PHP

1 USD 56.944591 PHP
50 USD 2,847 PHP
100 USD 5,694 PHP
200 USD 11,389 PHP
500 USD 28,472 PHP
1,000 USD 56,945 PHP
3,500 USD 199,306 PHP
5,000 USD 284,723 PHP
10,000 USD 569,446 PHP
100,000 USD 5,694,459 PHP
Source | Last updated 10 minutes ago

Conversion Rates PHP/USD

1 PHP 0.017561 USD
50 PHP 0.878047 USD
100 PHP 1.756093 USD
200 PHP 3.512186 USD
500 PHP 8.780465 USD
1,000 PHP 17.560931 USD
3,500 PHP 61.463257 USD
5,000 PHP 87.804653 USD
10,000 PHP 175.609306 USD
100,000 PHP 1,756 USD
Source | Last updated 10 minutes ago

Key facts about USD and PHP

  • About the US dollar

    US dollar
    Minor unit:
    1/100 Cent
    Central Bank:
    Federal Reserve Bank
    Ecuador, Guam, Micronesia, Palau, Panama, Zimbabwe, United States, Congo (RDC), El Salvador, Virgin Islands, British, American Samoa, Marshall Islands, Puerto Rico
    Rank in the most traded currencies:
  • About the Philippine peso

    Philippine peso
    Minor unit:
    1/100 Sentimo
    Central Bank:
    Central Bank of the Philippines

What Is an Exchange Rate?

An exchange rate is the rate at which one country's currency may be converted into another currency.

Bank dealers and traders buy and sell currency (such as USD and PHP) on the foreign exchange market, known as the interbank market. These kinds of transactions are being done by actors around the world every second of the day, which is why the mid-market exchange rate fluctuates up and down.

Why interbank traders buy and sell the way they do depends on a wide variety of complex factors. Some factors affecting currency exchange rates include inflation, federal interest rates, money printing, speculation, public debt, and a country's trade balance.

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Beware of Exchange Rate Margins

What you need to know is that banks will not convert your dollars to pesos at the real mid-market exchange rate. Instead, they will ask for your US dollars at a weak rate and sell you Philippine pesos at an expensive rate.

This difference between the mid-market rate and the provider's proposed rate is known as an exchange rate margin. This is often the cost that international money transfer customers overlook the most.

Convert US Dollars to Philippine Pesos

Online money transfer specialists have used technology and their financial leverage to access better exchange rates. As a result, they can potentially save you significant amounts of money when you transfer your US dollars to the Philippine peso.

Exchange rates fluctuate all the time. But you can save the headache of searching for a provider, and save money, by comparing money transfer providers in real time with Monito's comparison engine:

Find Today's Highest Dollar to Peso Exchange Rate:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best USD to PHP Exchange Rate

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