Today's best Pound sterling - Pakistani rupee exchange rates

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What's the Best Best GBP to PKR Rate?

The British Pound was at its strongest on January 14th, 2022 when 1 GBP = 241.85 PKR.

While some money transfer services send remittances using the real mid-market exchange rate (the true rate you see on Google or, fees constantly vary. Run a search on Monito's comparison engine to find the service that charges the best rates and lowest fees from GBP to PRK today.

Compare GBP to PKR exchange rates and fees before your next money transfer

Last updated 10 minutes ago See live results
Sending 100 GBP with Your recipient gets Exchange rate Fees
24901.91 PKR Check rates 1 GBP = 249.019 PKR 0 GBP
24876.89 PKR Check rates 1 GBP = 249.267 PKR 0 GBP
24809.42 PKR Check rates 1 GBP = 248.094 PKR 0 GBP
24779.00 PKR Check rates 1 GBP = 247.790 PKR 0 GBP
24711.25 PKR Check rates 1 GBP = 249.861 PKR 1 GBP
Compare for a specific amount, different pay-in and pay-out options, and see transfer speed and Monito Scores on our dedicated comparison page.

About the GBP to PKR exchange rate

Today's GBP-PKR Commentary

During the past 14 days period, there is a very significative change (9.12%) between the maximum value of GBP 1 = PKR 250.8435 recorded today at 1:27 PM and the minimum level of GBP 1 = PKR 227.9718 we recorded on May 9. Such variations means that if you were for example sending 1,500 GBP today at 1:27 PM you would have received 34,307.57 PKR more than on May 9.

Conversion Rates GBP/PKR

1 GBP 250.84 PKR
50 GBP 12542 PKR
100 GBP 25084 PKR
300 GBP 75253 PKR
500 GBP 125422 PKR
1000 GBP 250843 PKR
2000 GBP 501687 PKR
3000 GBP 752530 PKR
5000 GBP 1254217 PKR
10000 GBP 2508435 PKR
Source | Last updated 2 hours ago

Conversion Rates PKR/GBP

1 PKR 0.00 GBP
50 PKR 0.20 GBP
100 PKR 0.40 GBP
200 PKR 0.80 GBP
500 PKR 1.99 GBP
1000 PKR 3.99 GBP
3500 PKR 13.95 GBP
5000 PKR 19.93 GBP
10000 PKR 39.87 GBP
100000 PKR 398.65 GBP
Source | Last updated 2 hours ago

Key facts about GBP and PKR

  • About the Pound sterling

    Pound sterling
    Minor unit:
    1/100 penny
    Central Bank:
    Bank of England
    Rank in the most traded currencies:
  • About the Pakistani rupee

    Pakistani rupee
    Minor unit:
    1/100 Paisa
    Central Bank:
    State Bank of Pakistan
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How To Get the Best Exchange Rate For Pakistan

Azimo and Small World have ranked on Monito as the two cheapest money transfer providers from the UK to Pakistan from September 2021 to February 2022. Remitly and Wise earned the third and fourth-best spots during this six-month period.

High-street banks can send your Pounds to Pakistan, but they often apply weak exchange rates and charge high fees. International money transfer specialists almost always offer lower transfer fees and better exchange rates when sending money to Pakistan.

Find the Service With the Best Exchange Rate to Pakistan

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Exchange Rate for Pakistan

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