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Compare EUR-UYU exchange rates and fees before your next money transfer

Last updated a month ago See live results
Sending 300 EUR with Your recipient gets Exchange rate Fees
13302.24 UYU Check rates 1 EUR = 44.341 UYU 0 EUR
13090.29 UYU Check rates 1 EUR = 43.634 UYU 0 EUR
13088.97 UYU Check rates 1 EUR = 43.630 UYU 0 EUR
13062.00 UYU Check rates 1 EUR = 43.540 UYU 0 EUR
12889.43 UYU Check rates 1 EUR = 44.548 UYU 11 EUR
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About the EUR to UYU exchange rate

Today's EUR-UYU Commentary

The actual EUR-UYU interbank rate is currently close to its minimal value of the last 2-week period. Its weakest level during the last 14 days was EUR 1 = UYU 42.4904 (it is now only 0.34% more than that), attained last Wednesday. The strong difference between the current low value of the EUR-UYU rate and the maximal level (EUR 1 = UYU 44.1462) recorded during the past fourteen days means that, for instance, sending 3,500 euros now converts to around 5,290 UYU less than if you had exchanged money at the best moment of the past 14 days, which was on May 9.

Conversion Rates EUR/UYU

1 EUR 42.63 UYU
50 EUR 2131.74 UYU
100 EUR 4263.48 UYU
200 EUR 8526.96 UYU
500 EUR 21317 UYU
1000 EUR 42635 UYU
2000 EUR 85270 UYU
3000 EUR 127904 UYU
5000 EUR 213174 UYU
10000 EUR 426348 UYU
Source | Last updated a minute ago

Conversion Rates UYU/EUR

1 UYU 0.02 EUR
50 UYU 1.17 EUR
100 UYU 2.35 EUR
200 UYU 4.69 EUR
500 UYU 11.73 EUR
1000 UYU 23.46 EUR
3500 UYU 82.09 EUR
5000 UYU 117.28 EUR
10000 UYU 234.55 EUR
100000 UYU 2345.50 EUR
Source | Last updated a minute ago

Key facts about EUR and UYU

  • About the Euro

    Minor unit:
    1/100 Cent
    Central Bank:
    European Central Bank
    France, Germany, Italy
    Rank in the most traded currencies:
  • About the Uruguayan peso

    Uruguayan peso
    Minor unit:
    1/100 Centésimo
    Central Bank:
    Central Bank of Uruguay

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