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How to find money transfer services near me

Western Union and MoneyGram often offer 24-hour agent locations in many major cities (plus some smaller-sized locations.They also offer the most extensive network of agent locations: Western Union has 550,000 agent locations in over 200 countries and territories, and MoneyGram has 350,000 agent locations across over 200 countries and territories.

Google me to money

First, try Google Maps to see what's around you. Sometimes the data will give you everything--including a telephone number, opening hours and a link to a website. Sometimes it will just show you the location, street address and give you the chance to get directions.

The Popular times feature is also great and can give you an idea of when it is most busy, and when to go if you want to avoid long lines.

I know what I need: agent locations on brand websites

If you already know which money transfer provider you would like to send money with, head to your provider’s website and navigate to a “Find agent location” page. In general, these are usually linked to from the homepage. Enter your ZIP code, postal code or street address, or search by country and city to find the location closest to you.. Take note of any opening hours listed on the site and head to the office to process your money transfer. Some providers, like Western Union and MoneyGram, enable you to start a transaction on their mobile app and finish it in-store/in the agent location.

What documents and information do I need to send money in person?

The information and documents you’ll need for a money transfer depends on a bunch of factors:

  • How you are paying, how much you are sending and how the person will receive the money (whether you are paying in cash and transferring money for cash pickup, sending funds from from your bank account or a card, if you are sending to a person's bank account or to be received as mobile top-up).

For most methods, you’ll need:

  • A photo ID, like a driver’s license, national ID or passport
  • Name and contact information of the recipient
  • Amount of money you’re sending
  • The cash you are sending, a credit or debit card or your bank account details to pay for the transaction
  • In many cases, if you are sending a larger amount of money you may need to provide additional documents.

To send money to a bank account, you’ll need:

  • The receiving bank’s name, address and a variety of banking codes and numbers, depending on the destination. Examples include routing numbers, account numbers, IBAN, SWIFT or BIC codes

To send money for mobile phone top-up you’ll need the recipients mobile phone number.

Who should I use?

If the recipient needs to get collect cash, go with a provider that offers cash pickup or delivery services. The two most well-known providers for picking up cash (and with the most agent locations worldwide) are Western Union and MoneyGram, but several other bigger players like Ria, Xoom and WorldRemit also offer cash pickup services.

Western Union, MoneyGram and other money transfer services that offer cash pickups are best if you need the money to reach your friends or family fast. Banks or other online transfer services sometimes take from one to three days to complete a transaction, while many money transfer services can provide immediate transfers, often within minutes if you pay in cash or via credit or debit card.

Before you decide how and which service to use, remember to always consider the following:

Fees: Your bank could charge as much as$50 to transfer $1,000 from New York to Mexico, but a specialized money transfer service ids foten less and can easily save you money.

Exchange rates: Exchange rates quoted by banks and some money transfer providers are often far from the current mid-market exchange rate. Which means you're losing money due to a bad exchange rate.

Exchange rates change all the time, so be sure to compare providers and check the best rate of the day and find the lowest priced option for your needs.

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