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EasySend provides fast and convenient money transfers across Europe, specializing in transfers between the United Kingdom and Poland. Since 2006, their clients have trusted them to send over £130 million. 


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266 customer reviews on EasySend on Trustpilot

by Magda

5 stars

They are great ...

They are great ...

by customer

5 stars


Good choice !!!!!!!!!!

by Jack mateo

4 stars

Reliable way to send money abroad

Reliable way to send money abroad. they have good rates too

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by Anna

5 stars

EasySend is the best for sending money …

EasySend is the best for sending money abroad, very quick, I will recommend them to everyone

by Przemyslaw Ptak

5 stars

Błyskawiczna realizacja

Szybka realizacja

by customer

5 stars

Fast and comfortable.

Fast and comfortable.

by customer

5 stars

Fast and easy to use!

Fast and easy to use!

by customer

5 stars

Perfect !!!!

Perfect !!!!

by Katarzyna Wankowicz

5 stars

pięniadze do polski

Bardzo Szybkie dostarczenie pięniedzy :) w 100% polecam

by Jakub

5 stars

Szybkie i wygodne przelewy

Szybkie i wygodne przelewy, przelicznik tez dobry

by customer

5 stars


The transaction was fast and smooth. Thank you

by Monika Herman

5 stars


Highly recommend to everybody. Fast and cheap money transfers with best exchange rate I found.

by customer

5 stars

Im so happy with that service thank You!!!

Perfect and quick!!!

by Bartosz

5 stars

The best way to money transfer ever.

The best way to money transfer ever.

by Chris

5 stars


100% trust and recommended!!

by Nicole

5 stars

Highly recommended

Nice & easy with good rates ✌

by Monika M.

5 stars

I recommend.

Easysend is the fastest, cheapest, just the best.

by MeEarlDaniel

5 stars

Profesjonalna obsluga klienta, dobre stawki, szybki przekaz! Pro Customer Service and Rapid Transfers

EasySend to profesjonalna filma z bardzo dobra obsluga klienta, dobrymi przelicznikami walut oraz szybkim przekazem (szczegolnie 15min ktory jak dotad...Read more

EasySend to profesjonalna filma z bardzo dobra obsluga klienta, dobrymi przelicznikami walut oraz szybkim przekazem (szczegolnie 15min ktory jak dotad odbywal sie w pare min). Polecam.

by xmax

5 stars

Great choice to send money

I'm using easysend from few yrs. Never had any problems. Very quick transfer, good ex rate and fees very low, even superfast cost only £5. Will recommend...Read more

I'm using easysend from few yrs. Never had any problems. Very quick transfer, good ex rate and fees very low, even superfast cost only £5. Will recommend for everyone.

by Jack Hootch

5 stars

Serwis godny zaufania

Bardzo rzetelnie podchodza do klienta. Zlecanie przelewu jest banalnie proste, a realizacja przelewow przebiega szybko i sprawnie. Polecam serdecznie.

by Darek

5 stars


Very fast and without any problems. Thank you so much.

by Karolina Krawczyk

5 stars

Polecam easysend

Easysend polecila mi kolezanka I jestem w 100% zadowolona. Szybko I latwo przesyla sie pieniadze. Profesjonalny i solidny serwis godny rekomendacji.

by Thomas

5 stars

Without disappointed

This company never let me down I can trust them 100% always when i was sending money away always reached the destination on time or even earlier

by Jasbukir

5 stars

Great service

Always on time, great service and good value for money

by Pan Adrian ;)

5 stars

Polecam! ;)

Quick and easy! // Łatwo I szybko! Polecam! ;)

by customer kamil

5 stars


Never let me down. Fantastic service provided by professional Staff.

by Agata

5 stars

It is easy....

I am glad that it is Easysend, I can quickly transfer money, there is no problem, super, I recommend

by emer

5 stars

Good and easy

Good and easy

by Anna

5 stars

Highly recommended!!!

Im so happy with Easy Send and I dont know better company from them to transfer money,they are fast and I ve never have a problem.So five star for you!

by customer

5 stars

I am glad that good transfer..

I thinking that better new add for phone app and andriod. It just fast easy.

How EasySend works


  1. Create an account in less than 30 seconds.
  2. Fill out a short form with your details and those of your recipient. No documents are required for transfers below 300 GBP.
  3. Send the money from your bank account or debit card.


Call us or send us an email - we will be happy to help you!


Email: help@easysend.pl

Phone (UK): +44 28 95 810 710
Mon. - Fri.: 07:30 - 17:30
Saturday: 10:00 - 14:00

EasySend Ltd
5 The Mall
London W5 2PJ
United Kingdom




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Key facts about EasySend

Service information

Time to open an account A few hours
Minimum amount -
Maximum amount -
Available languages
Required documents -

Company information

Type of service provider Online money transfer operators
Active since 2006
Headquarter London, United Kingdom
Regulated by FCA

Contact information

Contact support -
Service hour -
Twitter @EasySendPL
Facebook PrzelewyDoPolski

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