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Find the best providers to send money to Australia

How to send money to Australia

Discover how to send money to Australia with the best rate in 4 easy steps

1. See if the AUD exchange rate is at your advantage

Transfering money on a date when the mid-market is higher than usual gives your more AUD for your money. Monitor the evolution of the Australian dollar exchange rate and send the money when you can get a good exchange rate.

2. Make your choice among the more than 36 money transfer companies available to send money to Australia to find the best option.

We compare a lot of providers offering money transfer services to Australia, such as WorldRemit, TransferWise, Orbit Remit, HiFX, Xoom. Save money by comparing all your options and go with the most competitive one for your transfer.

3. Select the best service for your personal needs

Based on which criteria will make your choice? Total cost, time for the money to arrive, user ratings? Consider the advantages and disadvantages before selecting the provider.

It is also important to pay attention to the options to pay for the transfer and receive the money. You may have the possibility to pay your transfer by a local bank transfer or by cards (credit or debit). In Australia, you can decide if your want the converted amount to be transferred to your recipient's account or received in cash (from an agent location).

4. Sign up and get started wih your transaction to Australia with the provider you selected

Go to the provider's website to register (you most of the time have to provide some information to prove your identity), and configure your transaction.

Best rated providers to send money to Australia

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