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The days when people were happy to spend their lunch hour queuing up at a high-street money transfer shop to send money home are fast disappearing. The arrival of digital money transfer companies such as Azimo has totally revolutionised the remittance industry in recent years, and smartphone apps are making things even more convenient for consumers. People now have the power to send money home faster and more easily, wherever they happen to be, with transfers arranged in the space of a few swipes. So whether you’re halfway up a mountain or halfway through lunch, you can still send money halfway around the world.

The rise in global smartphone use is staggering. Today, they’re the primary way to access the internet for the majority of people in the developed and developing world – more than two billion of us connect via our handsets and this figure is predicted to grow to five billion by 2020. And where smartphones lead, apps naturally follow. 

When Azimo, one of Europe’s largest online money transfer firms, launched its brand new iOS and Android apps in early 2016, they made sure that they  were intelligent, intuitive and interactive. The responsive chat function welcomes users and leads them through the transfer process, state-of-the-art biometric security means customers can log in via PIN or fingerprint technology, and in-app messaging gives rapid access to customer service assistance. To top it all, the whole thing is packaged in a funky new brand design that makes the whole experience more engaging. 

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One of the best mobile apps to send money to Nigeria

The switch to mobile money transfer is gathering momentum all the time. For example, half of all transfers that Azimo handles to Nigeria are now set up via a smartphone or tablet, and Europe is rapidly following Africa’s lead. It’s not easy moving to a strange country, finding a place to live and working every hour you can, with family back home waiting anxiously for your next money transfer. But empowering migrants through technology creates a better business and a better world for everyone. 

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