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Today's CHF-MVR commentary

At CHF 1 = MVR 15.9572, the CHF-MVR interbank exchange rate is as we're writting at its highest level observed in the last 14 days. The current high level of the CHF-MVR differs significantly from the much lower level (CHF 1 = MVR 15.4187) observed on November 13, when exchanging 4,000 CHF for example converted into only 61,674.77 MVR (the same amount gives you 63,828.75 MVR now, which is a difference of 2,153.99 MVR).

CHF Profile

Name: Swiss franc

Symbol: CHF

Minor Unit: 1/100 Rappen (German), centime (French), centesimo (Italian), and rap (Romansh)

Central Bank: Swiss National Bank

Country(ies): Switzerland

Rank in the most traded currencies: #7

MVR Profile

Name: Maldivian rufiyaa


Minor Unit: 1/100 Laari

Central Bank: Maldives Monetary Authority

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