Today's best Chilean Unidad de Fomento - Swiss franc exchange rates

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About the CLF to CHF exchange rate

Today's CLP-CHF Commentary

The current CLF-CHF rate is currently close to its lowest value of the past two weeks. Its weakest value we saw during this period was CLF 1 = CHF 24.613 ( 0.54% less than its actual value of CLF 1 = CHF 24.7461), last Thursday. The stark difference between the current low level of the CLF-CHF rate and the maximal level (CLF 1 = CHF 25.3386) recorded during the past two weeks means that, for example, transferring 3,500 Chilean Unidad de Fomento now gives you roughly 2,074 CHF less than if you had transferred money on August 3.

Conversion Rates CLP/CHF

1 CLP 24.746097 CHF
50 CLP 1,237 CHF
100 CLP 2,475 CHF
200 CLP 4,949 CHF
500 CLP 12,373 CHF
1,000 CLP 24,746 CHF
3,500 CLP 86,611 CHF
5,000 CLP 123,730 CHF
10,000 CLP 247,461 CHF
100,000 CLP 2,474,610 CHF
Source | Last updated 3 hours ago

Conversion Rates CHF/CLP

1 CHF 0.04041 CLP
100 CHF 4.041041 CLP
500 CHF 20.205206 CLP
1,000 CHF 40.410413 CLP
2,000 CHF 80.820826 CLP
5,000 CHF 202.052065 CLP
10,000 CHF 404.104129 CLP
20,000 CHF 808.208259 CLP
50,000 CHF 2,021 CLP
100,000 CHF 4,041 CLP
Source | Last updated 3 hours ago

Key facts about CLP and CHF

  • About the Chilean Unidad de Fomento

    Chilean Unidad de Fomento
  • About the Swiss franc

    Swiss franc
    Minor unit:
    1/100 Rappen (German), centime (French), centesimo (Italian), and rap (Romansh)
    Central Bank:
    Swiss National Bank
    Rank in the most traded currencies:

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