Current JPY-LKR mid-market exchange rate

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Today's JPY-LKR commentary

The actual JPY-LKR interbank rate is as we're writting near its maximal value of the past 2-week period. Its maximal level observed during the last fourteen days was JPY 1 = LKR 1.4494 (only 0.36% higher than its actual level of JPY 1 = LKR 1.4442),. The high level of the JPY-LKR rate differs significantly from the much lower level (JPY 1 = LKR 1.4174) observed , when sending 4,000 JPY for instance only gave you 5,669.44 LKR (the same transfer gives you 5,776.62 LKR at the moment, a difference of 107.18 LKR).

JPY Profile

Name: Japanese yen

Symbol: ¥

Minor Unit: 1/100 Sen

Central Bank: Bank of Japan

Country(ies): Japan

Rank in the most traded currencies: #3

LKR Profile

Name: Sri Lankan rupee


Minor Unit: 1/100 Cent

Central Bank: Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Country(ies): Sri Lanka