Current GBP-VND mid-market exchange rate

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Total cost

Total cost
3.54 GBP

Total cost
3.63 GBP

Total cost
3.77 GBP

Total cost
4.81 GBP

Total cost
11.49 GBP

Today's GBP-VND commentary

The GBP-VND rate is as we're writting near its highest value of the last fourteen days. The highest value observed during the last two weeks was GBP 1 = VND 31,654.1174, today at 9:00 AM. The current high value of the GBP-VND exchange rate differs considerably from the much lower value (GBP 1 = VND 30,577.6213) observed on January 11, when sending 4,000 GBP for instance only gave you 122,310,485.09 VND (the same amount converts to 126,085,967.87 VND at the moment).

GBP Profile

Name: Pound sterling

Symbol: £

Minor Unit: 1/100 penny

Central Bank: Bank of England

Rank in the most traded currencies: #4

VND Profile

Name: Vietnamese ??ng


Minor Unit: 1/100 Hào

Central Bank: State Bank of Vietnam