Current DKK-IDR mid-market exchange rate

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Total cost
27.03 DKK

Total cost
46.24 DKK

Total cost
48.17 DKK

Today's DKK-IDR commentary

The current DKK-IDR interbank rate is today close to its highest value of the past two weeks. The strongest level during this timeframe was DKK 1 = IDR 2,280.4716 (0.09% higher than its current value of DKK 1 = IDR 2,278.333),. This actual high level of the DKK-IDR rate is in strong contrast with the recent much lower level (DKK 1 = IDR 2,241.926) observed , when sending 4,000 DKK for example converted into only 8,967,704.01 IDR (the same amount gives you 9,113,332.18 IDR with the current rate).

DKK Profile

Name: Danish krone

Symbol: kr

Minor Unit: 1/100 Øre

Central Bank: Danmarks Nationalbank

Country(ies): Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands

IDR Profile

Name: Indonesian rupiah

Symbol: Rp

Minor Unit: 1/100 Sen (obsolete)

Central Bank: Central Bank of Republic of Indonesia

Country(ies): Indonesia