Current CZK-PAB mid-market exchange rate

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Today's CZK-PAB commentary

With a particularly high level of CZK 1 = PAB 0.0486 the mid-market exchange rate between the Czech koruna and the Panamanian balboa just reached a two-weeks high. This actual high value of the CZK-PAB is in strong contrast with the recent much lower value (CZK 1 = PAB 0.0467) recorded on January 10, when exchanging 4,000 CZK for example only gave you 186.79 PAB (the same transfer gives you 194.44 PAB at the moment, which is a difference of 7.64 PAB).

CZK Profile

Name: Czech koruna


Minor Unit: 1/100 Haléru

Central Bank: Czech National Bank

Country(ies): Czech Republic

PAB Profile

Name: Panamanian balboa

Symbol: B/.

Minor Unit:

Country(ies): Panama