Current CZK-GHS mid-market exchange rate

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Total cost
338.09 CZK

Today's CZK-GHS commentary

Examining the highs and lows of the CZK-GHS mid-market exchange rate, we can observe a very big difference (exactly 4.09%) between the maximum value of CZK 1 = GHS 0.2237 observed last Sunday and the lowest level of CZK 1 = GHS 0.2145 we saw on January 4. Even though these variations were very important during the last 2 weeks, the actual CZK-GHS mid-market is in fact close to its average level of the last 2 weeks. Sending CZK 1,500 at today's interbank exchange rate gets you GHS 328, it would have given you as much as GHS 335 last Sunday but only GHS 322 on January 4.

CZK Profile

Name: Czech koruna


Minor Unit: 1/100 Haléru

Central Bank: Czech National Bank

Country(ies): Czech Republic

GHS Profile

Name: Ghanaian cedi

Symbol: GH¢

Minor Unit: 1/100 Ghana Pesewa

Central Bank: Bank of Ghana

Country(ies): Ghana