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Best Free Online Bank Accounts in the UK in 2022: Fees, Usability, Features, and More

Byron Mühlberg, writer at
Sep 16, 2022
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What's the best free bank account in the UK? The answer will depend largely on your needs and preferences. Fortunately, as of 2022, there are many free current account options available to UK residents to choose from, meaning all you need to do is compare your options.

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Best Free Online Bank Accounts in the UK

Without further ado, let's go through our rankings for the best free bank accounts in the UK in 2022 —

Starling Bank — Best All-Round

Starling Bank is a fully-authorised bank in the UK that's well known for its fee-free current account. In fact, because this account is completely free and gives you access to an impressively complete range of financial services (including overdraft, loans, joint account, youth card, pensions, Euro balance, interest, etc.), we think Starling offers the best free bank account in the UK — one we recommend as a complete replacement for an account at a high-street bank.

Account name: Personal Account

Potential costs: £20 per CHAPS transfer in the UK, 0.4% + £5.50 for international SWIFT transfers, £5 for a replacement debit card.

Noteworthy features: Saving Spaces, pension scheme, youth card, interest, overdraft.

More info: See our full Starling Bank review.

Monzo — Best for Savers

Monzo is a regulated UK bank and probably the country's most famous online-only account. An excellent choice if you're looking to escape the high fees of traditional banks, Monzo charges no fees for day-to-day card use (e.g. cashpoint withdrawals and card payments) in the UK and abroad.

What's more, because it offers an one of the most advanced and comprehensive savings systems we've seen from any challenger bank (allowing lots of flexibility over your time horizon and savings goals), we think Monzo is especially well-suited for managing and growing wealth, regardless of your individual goals.

Account name: Monzo

Potential costs: 3% per withdrawal if you withdraw over £250 per month.

Noteworthy features: Fixed Pot, Easy Access Savings, overdrafts, loans, bill splitting.

More info: See our full Monzo review.

Revolut — Best Mobile Current Account

Probably the UK's most famous fintech, there's a good chance you've heard of Revolut. Using its innovative banking platform, you'll not only have access to a broad range of financial services unique among free bank accounts, but you'll also be able to take advantage of these services at a comparatively low price.

For example, the Revolut mobile app offers multi-currency accounts, investments, crypto and precious metal trading, savings management, travel perks, and more. However, because it's not yet a bank in the UK, we think Revolut is best used as a powerful spending tool next to a main bank account, as opposed to in place of it.

Account name: Standard

Potential costs: 2% cashpoint withdrawal fee if you exceed five withdrawals or £200 per month.

Noteworthy features: EU bank account details, multi-currency balances.

More info: See our full Revolut review.

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Sign up for Revolut now and get £10 in your account.

Wise — Best for Travellers

Wise isn't a bank in the UK but a money transfer operator that's well-known for offering some of the cheapest international transfers globally. However, money transfers aren't Wise's only speciality — they also offer the Wise Multi-Currency Account, a low-cost foreign currency spending account and card product that's best in class for foreign currency spending of all kinds, whether it's holidays overseas, online shopping, or international money transfers.

Account name: Multi-Currency Account

Potential costs: £0.50 per cash machine withdrawal if more than two withdrawals are made per month, plus 1.75% on withdrawals exceeding £200 per month.

Noteworthy features: International money transfers, multiple account details, multi-currency balances.

More info: See our full Wise Multi-Currency Account review.

Monese — Best for New Arrivals

Monese is a mobile-only challenger bank that offers fully-fledged checking accounts to more than two million customers across much of Europe. Because Monese doesn't require you to prove your residence to meet creditworthiness standards to open an account in the UK, we think Monese is especially well-suited for new arrivals to the UK from the European Economic Area (EEA).

Account name: Starter

Potential costs: £1.50 per cash machine withdrawal; 2% per foreign currency transaction not in GBP, EUR, SEK, or RON; £4.95 for debit card delivery.

Noteworthy features: PayPal integration, Avios integration, Money pots, interest.

More info: See our full Monese review.

Comparing the UK’s Best Free Online Bank Accounts

To wrap things up, let's compare the product, service, and pricing of the free bank accounts we explored above. Here, you can get a better idea of which one might best suit your needs and preferences:


Personal Account



Multi-Currency Account






GBP, USD, EUR, and 7 others














Intl Payment






Intl Transfer







Google Pay

Apple Pay


Bank transfer, cash

Bank transfer, cash

Bank transfer, debit/credit card

Bank transfer, debit/credit card

Bank transfer, debit/credit card



Mobile, internet banking


Mobile, internet banking


Mobile, internet banking








2 million

5.5 million

16 million

10 million

16 million

Try StarlingTry MonzoTry RevolutTry WiseTry Monese

Last updated: 19/1/2022
¹ Up to a daily limit of £400 and a monthly limit of £5,500.
² Up to £200 withdrawals per month, 2% on exceeded amount thereafter.
³ Up to twice per month, £0.50 per withdrawal thereafter and up to £200 per month, 1.75% on exceeded amount thereafter.
⁴ Uses Wise's platform for international money transfers.

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