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7 Best Apps Like EarnIn (Cash Advances and More)

Jarrod Suda


Nov 15, 2023
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EarnIn is a well-known cash advance app in the United States that offers interest-free cash advances up to $750, among the highest in the US cash advance app industry.

Their feature, called "Cash Out", does come with its limitations though. You will first need to verify your income and employment status. The cash advance typically gets processed between one to three business days (for free). For instant transfers, EarnIn will charge you between $0.99 and $3.99, depending on the size of the cash advance. Lastly, while EarnIn can give you up to $750 in cash advances, you will typically be restricted to a daily spending limit of $100.

Luckily, there are plenty of quality competitors on the market today. This article will explore the best alternatives like Current and Dave that offer features like EarnIn.

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Dave is a specialist in money advances, helping you to get up to $500 with its ExtraCash™ advance feature. Dave members across the US have taken $71 million and avoided overbearing overdraft fees.

The Top 7 Apps Like EarnIn

EarnIn's platform is a great option for those with a stable employment history who want quicker access to their pay check. Perhaps you keep most of your money locked into a savings account or an IRA, or you had an unexpected purchase that drained your spending money for the month. EarnIn uses your salary history and spending history to give you access to up to $750 per pay period in advance of payday.

While its "Cash Out" feature usually transfers the cash advances to an externally-linked bank account, EarnIn also has the EarnIn Visa contactless card. Unlike transferring out funds to your linked account, the EarnIn Card is not subject to the $100 daily limit. You can spend up to $1,500 per day with it or withdraw up to $300 per day from ATMs without incurring any cash advance fees. EarnIn partners with Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC to keep your balances safe.

EarnIn extends its service offering with a credit monitoring feature, provided at no cost to users. The feature tracks your spending habits to show your credit score. Plus, it involves no hard or soft credit inquiries.

While EarnIn excels in its primary offering of early wage access, it doesn't provide additional features like savings, rewards, roundups, or cash back that some other platforms might offer. Let's see what the seven other cash advance apps offer (all available on Android or iPhone) and how you can benefit:

Dave ExtraCash™

Dave members can use the ExtraCash™ service to get a $500 cash advance transferred immediately to your account, which is free of interest charges or late fees. You can spend the money on anything you need, from gas to groceries to rent. A minor downside is that Dave charges a $1 monthly membership.

  • Advance amount: Up to $500 per pay period
  • Processing time: 2-3 banking days. Instant feature expedites the process for $0.99-$3.99
  • Repayment date: Your next payday
  • Membership fee: $1

You should have at least three regular deposits to be eligible. A consistent income history and responsible spending habits will also improve your profile. You can increase your advances by having a total monthly deposit of $1,000 or more. You can enhance your eligibility when you link your bank and have a 60-day account history of positive balances.

Like other apps on this list, Dave offers a function to get paid up to two days earlier than your traditional bank if you set up a qualifying direct deposit. You'll even access a large portfolio of businesses that offer gig work for you to earn a side hustle.

Dave's express fee to the Spending account ranges from $1.99 to $9.99, depending on the size of your advance. You can also send the cash advance to an external debit card within 1 hour. Dave's card transfer fees range from $2.99 to $13.99.

More info: read our Dave comparison guide or visit the Dave website
FDIC-insured parter: Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC

Current Overdrive

Current offers the Overdrive™ feature, granting access to up to $200 without incurring overdraft fees. To be eligible, you must receive $500 or more in qualifying deposits into your current account within the past 30 days:

  • Advance amount: Between $25 to $200
  • Processing time: Immediate
  • Repayment date: Within 60 days.
  • Membership fee: None

Beyond its borrowing feature, Current boasts saving pods with competitive APY rates, a credit builder card, and the opportunity to receive your salary up to two days earlier.

Current offers a points program for spending at participating merchants, and it doesn't impose any monthly fees. Additionally, Current presents a robust network of 40,000 fee-free ATMs and the convenience of depositing paper checks.

More info: read our in-depth Current review or visit the Current website
FDIC-insured parter: Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC

Varo Advance

Varo introduces the "Advance" feature, accessible to those with a minimum of $1,000 in qualifying direct deposits to their Varo Bank Account. Varo's Advance feature allows you to borrow up to $250.

  • Advance amount: Between $20 - $250
  • Processing time: Immediate
  • Repayment date: Select your own date, within 15 to 30 days.
  • Membership fee: None

In addition to its borrowing feature, Varo offers a credit builder card and a checking account without a monthly maintenance fee. While no interest fee is charged, a fixed fee of between 6% to 8% will accompany every cash advance exceeding $20.

Unique compared to other cash advance apps on this list, Varo is a duly-licensed bank in the United States and a Member FDIC.

More info: visit the Varo website
FDIC-insured parter: Varo Bank, NA, Member FDIC

Albert Instant

Albert is another app that provides access to cash advances of up to $250. To qualify, establish a direct deposit setup and offer evidence of steady income for at least the past 60 days from the same employer. Similar to EarnIn, Albert's "Instant" feature doesn't impose interest or late fees. You're allowed up to three cash advances during each pay period, with the total capped at $250.

  • Advance amount: Up to $250
  • Processing time: 2-3 days, or instant loans for a small fee
  • Repayment date: Your next payday
  • Membership fee: None (Genius plan is $8 per month)

Albert offers an optional premium membership known as "Genius," which costs $96 per year. This subscription unlocks additional features, including investment options. In our opinion, Albert's additional features do not greatly differ from those you'd find in Chime®, Revolut, or Dave. It's also worth noting that when you create an account with Albert, you will be automatically enrolled in the Genius free trial, which must be canceled after 30 days if you do not want to pay the full year's membership fee.

More info: visit the Albert website
FDIC-insured parter: Sutton Bank, Member FDIC

Brigit Instant Cash

Brigit's Instant Cash feature offers a $250 advance for qualifying Plus members. Brigit offers a free plan, which comes with financial planning tools to monitor spending and a marketplace for opportunities to earn extra income. Only Plus members can access Brigit's Instant Cash, fee-free overdrafts, and credit builder. If you often find yourself losing money to overdraft fees from your main bank, Brigit may be the right app for you.

  • Advance amount: Up to $250
  • Processing time: 2-3 banking days. Instant feature expedites the process for $0.99-$3.99
  • Repayment date: Flexible due date that aligns with income schedule
  • Membership fee: $9.99 per month for Plus

Brigit works by integrating with your primary bank accounts. As long as it can confirm that your account has been active for at least 60 days, has a balance above $0, and has 3 recurring deposits from the same source, you may be approved for a money advance.

One great aspect about Brigit is that it is open to US residents, not just US citizens. If you are an immigrant with US residency, Brigit may the most accessible option on this list. You'll need an SSN or ITIN number to qualify. Like Dave, you'll get access to a catalog of side gigs that you can choose from to get some extra income.

More info: read our Brigit comparison guide or visit the Brigit website
FDIC-insured parter: Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC

Revolut Early Salary

Revolut doesn't offer a loan feature, but does have the "Early Salary" feature. If your salary is directly deposited into your Revolut account, you'll eligible to receive your funds up to two days earlier than traditional banks.

  • Early salary: Don't wait on your conventional bank
  • Processing time: 2 days early
  • Fees: No fees
  • Membership fee: None

Revolut extends its appeal with features that allow you to manage and block unwanted subscriptions, access secure savings vaults with attractive APY rates, earn rewards from participating merchants, and enjoy travel perks as a paid member.

Unlike EarnIn, Revolut offers a multi-currency account supporting 28 foreign currencies for exchanging up to $1,000 per month without any fees. In addition to cheap international money transfer capabilities, Revolut provides access to a fee-free network of 55,000 ATMs, budgeting features, and more.

More info: read our in-depth Revolut review or visit the Revolut website
FDIC-insured parter: Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Member FDIC

Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Advance Apps Similar to EarnIn

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