Current EUR-AMD mid-market exchange rate

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Total cost
5.47 EUR

Total cost
5.89 EUR

Today's EUR-AMD commentary

The variations of the EUR-AMD rate we see over the last two weeks are very important (around 1.75% difference between the minimum and maximum). For all these variations, the current EUR-AMD mid-market rate is just now in the vicinity of its average value of the last 2 weeks. Sending EUR 1,500 at the actual interbank exchange rate gives you AMD 890,528, it would have converted into AMD 897,200 but only AMD 881,514.

EUR Profile

Name: Euro


Minor Unit: 1/100 Cent

Central Bank: European Central Bank

Rank in the most traded currencies: #2

AMD Profile

Name: Armenian dram


Minor Unit: 1/100 Luma

Central Bank: Central Bank of Armenia

Country(ies): Armenia