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About the CAD to IRR exchange rate

Conversion Rates CAD/IRR

1 CAD 30,977 IRR
100 CAD 3,097,695 IRR
200 CAD 6,195,390 IRR
500 CAD 15,488,475 IRR
1,000 CAD 30,976,951 IRR
2,000 CAD 61,953,902 IRR
5,000 CAD 154,884,754 IRR
10,000 CAD 309,769,508 IRR
15,000 CAD 464,654,262 IRR
100,000 CAD 3,097,695,077 IRR
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Conversion Rates IRR/CAD

1 IRR 0.000032 CAD
50 IRR 0.001614 CAD
100 IRR 0.003228 CAD
200 IRR 0.006456 CAD
500 IRR 0.016141 CAD
1,000 IRR 0.032282 CAD
3,500 IRR 0.112987 CAD
5,000 IRR 0.16141 CAD
10,000 IRR 0.322821 CAD
100,000 IRR 3.228207 CAD
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Key facts about CAD and IRR

  • About the Canadian dollar

    Canadian dollar
    Minor unit:
    1/100 Cent
    Central Bank:
    Bank of Canada
    Rank in the most traded currencies:
  • About the Iranian rial

    Iranian rial
    Minor unit:
    1/100 Dinar
    Central Bank:
    Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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