Find the best providers to send money to Barbados

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Find the best providers to send money to Barbados

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How to send money to Barbados

Find out how to send money to Barbados with the best exchange rate in a few easy steps

1. See if the BBD exchange rate is in your favor

Even though the evolution of the currency market is uncertain, it is a good idea to monitor it in order to maximize how many Barbados dollars you get after the conversion. It might be interesting for you to use smart alerts to check the evolution of the BBD exchange rate.

2. Compare up to more than 32 companies available to send money to Barbados in order to select the best option.

Monito lists a lot of companies able to send money to Barbados, such as Wise, CurrencyFair, Revolut, N26, Small World. Optimize your transfer by comparing all these options and go with the best option for your upcoming money transfer.

3. Choose the best money transfer company based on your criteria

Do you want to make a transfer to Barbados at the lowest total cost, with the fastest option or with the provider with the best ratings?

4. Sign up and get started with your money transfer with the service you selected

It is now time to register on the money transfer provider's website - be aware you will often need to upload an ID and/or a proof of adress - and configure your transfer to Barbados.

You can also send Airtime Top-Up to Barbados instead 📲

With Monito, you can take advantage of lightning-fast airtime and data top-ups with our trusted partner, WorldRemit

Recharge airtime or mobile data online by entering your loved one's number and letting WorldRemit take care of the rest!

Compare all available providers before your next transfer to Barbados

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Questions you may have about your transfers to Barbados

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