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by Gail Mei Mei

2 stars

Not flexible.....customer service doesn't play a part in Malaysia

Customer service exists in every sector. Yes UOB Malaysia card centre suxs big time. 1) Mom singaporean lives in Singapore. 2) Invested in UOB...Read more

Customer service exists in every sector. Yes UOB Malaysia card centre suxs big time. 1) Mom singaporean lives in Singapore. 2) Invested in UOB Malaysia 3) Issued credit card by UOB but limit is only rm30000 equivalent to SGD9616 according to current exchange. The card is only used when she travels to Malaysia. 4) Msia implemented password code for Msia credit card users. Users are required to re-activate the card. 5) Mom not educated . Also slow in responding to questions. Mom doesn't understand or speak english. 6) Made a trip to Johor UOB branch on 12 September but noone could speak chinese there. Was told that someone will make a call to her. 7) A lady from UOB Malaysia KL called. Shot several questions to my mom, lady = stern, film ....mom = nervous, unsure, afraid , no time to think through the questions. In Singapore, she has a personal banker (also brother) from Privilege Banking who does everything for her. 8) She failed to get the answer correct for when was the card last used. She answered unsurely .....I was with her even I cannot remember when we went to KL 9) Lady said sorry please go back to the Johor JB branch for activation. What is this?? A test???? 10) Mom upset told her she went this morning. Mom is not a person to complain or whine. She told the lady she would like to cancel the card instead because this is causing her a lot of distress. Lady said she could not help further. Could not do much anymore. in chinese 没办法。 11) Who's the lady? I'd like to talk to her. Are you a manager? DO you spend SGD10000 when you come to Singapore within seconds or where you live in Malaysia??? 12) My mom is a customer she's contributing to the Msia's economy. Nobody in UOB is willing to give & take a little. This is not a test. And all she wants is SIMPLY just to be able to use the credit card. Also she doesn't owe the bank anything. 13) She's considering shifting the money to another bank........when you cannot get the service you expect how can you trust the company ???

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