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Find the best providers to send money to Armenia

How to send money to Armenia

Learn how to make a money transfer to Armenia with the best AMD exchange rate in four easy steps

1. Check if the Armenian dram exchange rate is at your advantage

Converting your money on a date when the mid-market is higher than usual gives your more AMD for your money. Track the mid-market exchange rate and make your transfer when the mid-market rate is close to its highest level of the last few days.

2. Find the optimal deal by comparing all the available money transfer companies.

Pick the best service with your own criteria

3. What do you value the most? Fees and exchange rate, speed, customer reviews? Balance the different criteria before deciding which provider to use.

Another important aspect is to consider the payment solution and pay-out options. You can have providers offering to you the option to send the money from your bank account, other providers will also give you the option to pay by credit and debit cards. In Armenia, look at different options if you need the money to be sent directly to the recipient's bank account or received in cash (from an agent location).

Sign up and start your money transfer to Armenia with the money transfer provider of your choice

4. It is now time to register on the money transfer provider's homepage (you most of the time have to provide some ID documents to prove your identity), and get started with your transaction.

Best rated providers to send money to Armenia

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