15th March - World Money Transfer Day

On the 15th of March, several actors of the money transfer industry are expressing their commitment to promoting the education and awareness of alternative and better ways to send money between countries. 

ZERO Fees, ZERO commission, for one day only

Participating money transfer operators 

On March 15th, you will be able to send money for free with these operators. They won't charge any transfer fees or take any margin on the exchange rate! 


Available from 20 countries in Europe towards 194 countries WorldWide, with several transfer options (Bank transfer, cash-pick-up, etc.) 

Use promo code : WMTD

Send money with Azimo
See all available countries

Available from 51 countries (Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia) towards 220 countries. They offer several payment method for transfers towards a bank account.

Send money with Xendpay
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Available from London (three agencies) to send money to Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Boliva. They offer Cash pickup, bank deposit or home delivery.

Send money with MoneyTo

Only online and from the UK, to almost every country in the world.

Use promo code WUFREEMARCH15

Send money with Western Union UK

Raising awareness on the high cost of remittances

Around the world, 700 million people - or 10% of the world population - regularly receive money from their wives, husbands, children or parents, working abroad to support their family. Each year, they spend over $45 billion in transfer feesthe equivalent of Kenya's GDP. If the average cost of these money transfers were lowered to 3%, more than $28 billion could be saved each year. 

To raise awareness on this issue, Monito - the comparison platform for international money transfer services -  is participating in the first World Money Transfer Day on the 15th of March 2015, and encourages money transfer operators to pledge ZERO transfer fees and ZERO commission on the exchange rate for all money transfers. 

Other partners of the day 


Visit www.worldmoneytransferday.com