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Pay to Card

Pay to Card is a way to fund prepaid cards elsewhere in the world using a currency exchange transfer. These funds can then be spent from the card, similar to a standard debit card.

You will need to provide some information about the beneficiary including their name, mobile phone number and address. Your funds will be exchanged and used to top up the beneficiary’s prepaid card. These transfers are typically very quick.

Prepaid cards are a way for cardholders to fund expenditures with merchants that take debit cards. These cards are funded and loaded with cash, they can then be used exactly like a debit card to pay for goods in a store, online and elsewhere. Popular with the underbanked and unbanked, funds on prepaid cards are not linked to a bank account.

Several currency providers offer prepaid cards including WorldRemit and Western Union.

    Pay to Card — Related terms

    Pay to Card is related to the terms prepaid cards and pay cards. Prepaid cards can be used by cardholders to purchase goods and services, similar to a debit card. They can be topped up by certain currency exchange providers using a Pay to Card service. Pay cards are prepaid cards that can be topped up by certain currency exchange providers using a Pay to Card service.

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