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6 things expats can do to save a lot of money in 2016

Last updated February 6, 2016
Written by Team Monito

Congratulations! If you’re reading it, it means that you have brave enough to change your entire life and move to another country in order to look for a better, brighter future. It takes courage, lots of it, and we, here, at TawiPay, want to support you and make this transition as smooth as possible. That’s why we’re kicking-off the New Year with 6 useful tips that will help you save not only time and nerves, but also money. Ready? Here we go!

1. Walk the (on)line.
When you’re moving countries, being online means being in touch with your friends and family back home. Exchanging messages on Facebook and commenting on pictures on Instagram becomes an every-day routine. World Wide Web is also a perfect environment for you to save some money. If you need to buy a piece of furniture to your new flat, just go online and visit places like eBay or Amazon. Ok, you might pay for shipping the item, but we guarantee that the final cost will be lower than purchasing the same thing in a stationary shop.

2. Charity case? Always!
One of the best things about living in the UK is something we could describe as a culture of re-using. Here is where charity shops enter the stage. Don’t waste money on buying clothes in high street stores, only visit one of the charity shops in your area and we promise that there are plenty. They are usually run by big charity organizations, like Cancer Research or Oxfam.

3. Buy and resell things from home 
Be observant, maybe there are things in your home country that are not available in the UK? Or other way round? It might be a great start for your own business of importing and exporting goods, keeping in mind the regulations. And if you need to make an international money transfer, nothing comes more handy than TawiPay, where you can choose the best deal.

4. Cash spares you trouble
Going cashless can make life much easier, especially if you can take advantage of the contactless option. The buses, the shops, more and more place secure payments by cards. The only trick is, when you’re paying by a card, you’re often not able to track closely your expenses. Dealing with physical cash might be not that comfortable, but at the same time it gives you luxury of being 100% aware where and how you spend your money.

5. Dinner for a dime
This trick is pretty old, but sometimes it’s good to refresh memory. It’s better for both your health and wallet to prepare your lunch at home, than to buy one at work. Just have a look: a medium Margherita, which is the simplest choice, from Dominium costs almost £12, while a 270g Stoned Baked pizza of the same name from Tesco you can get for 3 times less!

6. Compare and contrast.
The Web is full of comparison sites, like Mysupermarket.co.uk that gives you the overview of the price ranges in stores like Tesco, Asda and Waitrose, so you get the most attractive offer. The same rule applies to money transfers. Instead of going with the same company every week or month, while sending little something (or not that little) home, visit Tawipay and see which operator can get you the best deal. You can save tones of pounds, especially if you’re sending money on regular basis. Do you want to know more about international money transfers from the UK? Have a look at our ultimate guide on how to send money abroad from the UK.