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Azimo offers a digital alternative to traditional cash-based money transfer operators to send money abroad. Azimo’s sleek website, Android and iOS mobile apps allow you to send money conveniently from anywhere and at any time. You can pay for your transfer by making a local bank transfer, with your debit or credit card, or with an online direct payment method such as SOFORT Überweisung.

What makes Azimo stand out are the number of countries you can send to and the breadth of ways your money can be delivered. With Azimo, you can send money to over 190 countries around the world in 80 different currencies. The money can be received in a variety of ways, such as the traditional cash pickup in over 270,000 locations or credit to a bank account of over 20,000 banks, to sending to a mobile wallet or having cash delivered at your recipient’s home.

Azimo is a great choice for migrants sending money back to their home country. Azimo’s service is translated in 10 different languages, so there’s a good chance that you can use them in your mother tongue. Their fees and exchange rates make them considerably cheaper than banks or money transfer operators in most cases. They have served hundreds of thousands of customers, who have left them excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

  • Send money to 190+ countries
  • Several pay-out methods
  • Available in 10 different languages
  • Excellent reviews on Trustpilot
  • Not always the cheapest provider
  • Currently only available in Europe

Azimo has excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot, with a 96% satisfaction rate among the 4800+ customers who have given their feedback. Here’s a summary of what Azimo customers have to say:

  • Customers were very satisfied with how fast their money was delivered
  • Using Azimo is an easy, uncomplicated and pleasant experience
  • Exchange rates are good and fees are low
  • Azimo is reliable and trustworthy
  • A few customers experienced delays in their transfers
  • Azimo’s customer service was sometimes a bit slow
  • On very rare occasions, customers had issues with Azimo’s pay-out partner in the receiving country (e.g. wrong address or poor service)

Can I trust Azimo ?

Azimo is a licensed Authorised Electronic Money Institution, which means they are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) in the United Kingdom. They offer institutional grade security for their service, including 256-bit SSL encryption with a 2048-bit signature.

As per FCA regulations, clients’ funds are held in segregated accounts, and are therefore kept completely separate from Azimo’s own business accounts. This means that your money is safe should the company have any financial difficulties.

Furthermore, Azimo offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee, and will reimburse you the full amount of your payment should your payment be cancelled or refused for any reason.

Azimo employs 90 people across its UK and Poland offices. Employees give the company a 4.5 star rating on the employer review site Glassdoor, and describe Azimo as “FinTech with a heart”, a “great fintech company” where you “truly have the opportunity to make a difference”.

Azimo has raised over $45M dollars from various investors around the world. This has helped the company establish what it claims is one of the world’s largest digital money transfer networks, allowing Azimo to send money to up to five billion people worldwide.

Authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Firm Reference : 900220


How Azimo works

  1. Sign up for a free Azimo account in just a couple of minutes
  2. Set up a transfer by choosing your recipient and how you want the money to be received
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to send and how you want to pay
  4. Make a local bank transfer to Azimo’s account or pay instantly using your debit card, credit card, or direct payment method.
  5. Azimo will deliver your money to your recipient immediately or up to several business days depending on the pay-out method



Azimo exchange rates and fees

Transfer fees: Azimo charges flat or variable fees depending on which countries and currencies you’re sending between, as well as the pay-in and pay-out methods you choose.

Exchange rates: The exchange rate offered by Azimo will depend on the pay-out method you choose. The exchange rate is locked in advance, so that you know exactly how much money will arrive.

Other fees: Since Azimo uses local accounts to collect and disburse funds, there should be no fees charged by the sending or receiving banks, and no intermediary bank fees. However, there is a 2.99% fee for paying by credit card.


The story behind Azimo

Azimo was founded in 2012 by Michael Kent and two Polish migrants in the UK, Marta Krupinska and Marek Wawro. Michael Kent, Azimo’s CEO and an industry veteran, previously co-founded one of Europe’s largest offline money transfer companies, Small World Financial Services.

The founders saw an opportunity to provide migrants with a much cheaper way to send money home through a digital-only service, which is why they launched Azimo.

With headquarters in London and an office in Krakow, the company now employs 90 people and has raised over $45M dollars.



Which documents will Azimo require to verify my identity?

To comply with anti-money laundering regulations, Azimo must verify your identity. Depending on how much and from where you are sending money, you may be required to provide a copy of your Identification Documents, a proof of the validity of your adress and a proof of the source of the funds.


Identification Documents

It can be a Passport, National ID card with photo, a driving licence (UK, EU or International).

Proof of address

In order to verify your address, Azimo will need a copy of a document from a reliable institution showing your name and your adress. This document can be a utility bill (except mobile phone bills), a bank or credit card statement or letter, a Land Lord letter or bill, an employment letter, a local council rent card, an NHS letter / GP card, a solicitor's letter confirming a recent house purchase or an official letter from any UK Government Body.

Proof of funds

It can be a pay-slip, a bank Statement/ screenshot from electronic banking, a Credit Card statement (Documents should contain identification such as name and account number), a Tax Rebate Receipt, a House Sales Receipt, Car Sale Receipt, Etc Inland Revenue Payment Slip General or a Bank Loan Documents (Including Mortgages).


Step by step guide on how to send money with Azimo

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Azimo's Offices


United Kingdom

173 Upper St
London N1 1RG
United Kingdom

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Key facts about Azimo

Service information

Time to open an account A few minutes
Pay-in options Credit card
Debit card
Bank Account
Pay-out options Cash
Bank account
Airtime top-up
Mobile wallet
Minimum amount -
Maximum amount -
Can you transfer from your mobile? Yes
Available languages
Personnal transfers No
Business customers Yes
Advanced currency contracts No
Required documents -

Company information

Type of service provider Online money transfer operators
Active since 2012
Headquarter London, United Kingdom
Regulated by FCA

Contact information

Contact support -
Service hour -
Facebook azimomoney