Sending money abroad online is now easier than ever, but how simple is it really?

We are excited to include Xendpay in our series detailing the user experience of sending money online. We’ve already analyzed seven money transfer companies (including TransferWise and Western Union), and  today we’re looking at Xendpay’s website to see how easy it is to send money with them.   

If you’d like to obtain all the insights of our benchmark study (created in conjunction with the user-testing tool Userbrain), you can read the full report using the link below.


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To evaluate how easy it really is to send money with Xendpay online, we tasked a panel of randomly selected users to try and make a transfer of £250 from the United Kingdom to a fictional friend living in Paris. We used the remote user-testing tool Userbrain to record the users’ screens and oral commentary.

Xendpay gives a mixed first impression

First-time users arriving on Xendpay’s website could easily identify where to get started with their transfer and got the message that sending money with Xendpay is Free, Fair & Fast (a slogan that is repeated in the tagline and just below the main top section).

Xendpay’s homepage

But while some of our testers had a positive first impression: “great look so far, a great way to send money […]”, most of them weren’t particularly impressed and would have wished for a more modern looking and inviting website, as well as less clutter and better-organized information.

“The font is very bland, bold and in your face. It doesn’t look very inviting, there’s a lot of text, and it doesn’t really look trustworthy.”

“The picture with the birds doesn’t have anything to do with money, and it looks pretty cheap to use the same generic tick icon for the FREE, FAIR, FAST headings.”


“Pay what you want” – a great but difficult-to-explain proposition

Xendpay offers a truly unique value proposition to their users: for transfers up to £2,000 a year, it’s up to the users to specify the fee they want to pay (Xendpay does suggest a fee but you can decide to pay 0 transfer fees if you want to).

But Xendpay’s communication on this unique pay the fee you want or no fee at all model confused a lot of our users. In many instances, their service is described as being free, but terms like “no compulsory fees” or “pay what you want” were rather unsettling for our testers.

“You are invited to pay what you want, what does that even mean?”

“You can decide how much you pay for the service?? Can I pay less as well? It seems I can pay them as much as I want? then everyone is gonna say zero! “

“And now I have to enter a transfer fee? But you told me on your homepage that it’s free! I don’t want to put any fee in there… Oh, actually I can enter zero. “

Xendpay’s intention to make a difference for migrants sending money abroad by giving them the choice to pay what they want is genuine, and it was therefore disappointing to see that it wasn’t perceived as such by many of our testers, some of them even becoming suspicious about Xendpay because of it.

In any case, once our users got their head around this “Pay As You Want model”, they appreciate the fact that they were in control of the cost of their transfer and that it was fully transparent, with no hidden fees in the exchange rate.

“I enter zero for the transfer fees, but I still have to pay the currency rate, but I’m not sure what the current rate is, let me check that on google, […]  that’s exactly the same rate, so I would imagine I don’t pay anything at this point.”

A sign-up process that could be smoother

All of our testers were able to create an account with Xendpay in a few minutes, without too many issues.

“So that was easy, just basic information, standard sign-up.”

But our panel of testers also noted some annoying details, starting with the fact they were asked to enter their email twice without the possibility to copy and paste:

“Oh… I can’t copy and paste, that’s super annoying… having to enter my email twice is annoying anyways…oh, and password I don’t need to enter twice?”

One other user struggled when entering his phone number that wasn’t accepted without any explanation (it turned out he had to remove the spaces), another faced the same issue when entering the IBAN of the recipient’s bank account.

After the sign-up, users are prompted to “verify their account” by uploading two documents they can select from within a long (and intimidating) list. This is where our test stopped as we didn’t require our panel to upload any documents, but some users felt frustrated that they couldn’t continue the transfer process and didn’t really understand why they had to verify their account.

“Oh so I guess now I have to verify my account, but I don’t really have a clue why … This is as far as I can go… ”

An underexploited potential

The results of our analysis are mixed. The testers who were able to go beyond the somewhat clumsy interface and sometimes cumbersome copy were in the end quite convinced by Xendpay’s services:

“I would give Xendpay a 9/10 rating, it was pretty easy and it was more transparent than banks.”

“I think it would be quite easy to send money with Xendpay.”

“They’re making it more fair, they’re not making a whole bunch of money jacking up the trade for fees, etc.” 

“It definitely looks trustworthy, it has all the verification icons [FCA, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa] “

But the other users in our panel judge Xendpay more harshly :

“I would say it’s a 4/10, rather complicated, just because there is a lot of text to go through, and it’s not inviting at all, and there seems to have a lot of unnecessary steps in the payment process. [….] to me, this website doesn’t look trustworthy at all and I would leave this website now. ”

The general feeling is that Xendpay has great things to offer to its customers, but that it could do a better job communicating these value propositions in a clearer manner.

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Get the detailed analysis of the Xendpay user experience and nine other leading online money transfer companies in our full report. The report will be published in June.



Read the full report – it’s  free

We would like to thank Userbrain for providing us with the panel of testers for this analysis of Xendpay’s website. If you would like to start testing your website and receive a constant stream of feedback, give UserBrain a try!