In addition to comparing money transfer services, our mission at Monito is to provide in-depth reviews of the money transfer providers we compare and their services. This helps our users make an informed decision about the best way to send money abroad.

We have written reviews about most up-and-coming money transfer providers, such as Azimo, WorldRemit, Xendpay, and many others. Many of our users discovered these companies through our platform thanks to these reviews.

This week, we are finally publishing our full review of Western Union. Western Union is the money transfer company that everyone has heard about, even people who have never sent money abroad in their life. The company has the largest money transfer network in the world, and is used by hundreds of millions of people every year.

We gave Western Union a global score of 8.20, with the highest possible score for the speed of transfer, service & coverage and credibility. However, the user experience when sending money online or from your mobile with Western Union is not as good as with other providers. When it comes to pricing and transparency, Western Union is also not always the first in class, as they can have higher fees and worse exchange rates than those of their competitors.

Discover all the pros and cons of using Western Union for your international money transfers, our security and trustworthiness analysis, detailed how to’s, and a description of all of Western Union’s additional services, in our ultimate review of Western Union.

Read our full review of Western Union