20th August 2013. After months of work and three intense weeks in Berlin, we had finally sent out our first email campaign to announce the launch of TawiPay.com. At this stage, our website was merely a rough prototype of the ideas and visions that had formed in our heads a few months prior. We might well have dismissed the moment, not expecting the outburst of positive and encouraging feedback that was to come.

Our press release was very quickly picked up by a Swiss blog on entrepreneurship, and we were to have our first interview on the train from Berlin to Lausanne the following day. Our story resonated well with the press, and the news spread like wildfire within Switzerland and abroad. We were soon headed to the editorial offices of Le Temps newspaper, and even made an appearance on the Swiss national television news broadcast. Here are some of the places which talked about us:

By leveraging our media coverage and different communication channels, we’re making contact with our early adopters. Feedback has been very positive, and people are spontaneously contacting us to offer their help, to put us in contact with people or to work with us. We’ve also received many requests to cover certain corridors for which we don’t yet have data. Below, some summary statistics on the usage of TawiPay since our launch in late August:


Strengthened by our experience, and equipped with new ideas, we have set out to improve our service. We have been working in three areas:

  • Increasing the breadth and depth of our data on payment services, and keeping it up to date.
  • Improving our message, the interface of our site and the ways we interact with our users.
  • Laying the groundwork for durable partnerships, including with payment service providers, investors, international organizations and academic institutions.

New Interface

Today, exactly 3 months later, we’re announcing the release of a new website. The first thing you’ll notice is the new interface: it is cleaner and more streamlined. We have carefully analyzed the information needed for the decision-making process, to ensure we only display the essentials.


This new version also includes the latest data from the World Bank, supplemented by our own research. We have established solid contacts with several payment service providers and are working on integrating their data directly.

What’s next?

While this latest version is a significant step forward, there is still much work to be done to sustain the momentum and achieve our goals. Each week brings with it new opportunities and ideas. You can find a summary of what we hope to achieve with this comparative research tool on our Features page.


The TawiPay adventure goes on, and we invite you to join us! Your feedback is essential: feel free to give us your opinion by leaving a comment, or by sending an email to info@tawipay.com. Thanks!