Last August, we went through a rebranding, changing our name from TawiPay to Monito.

As you can imagine, finding a new name is a cumbersome process (you can learn more about our user-centered and data-driven approach here). But once we found the name Monito, we still had to find a suitable domain name.

The corresponding .com domain name was owned by a friendly canadian photographer, Alan Marr, who was very attached to his domain name that he had since more than twenty years, “Monito” (little monkey in spanish) being his surname among his friends and relatives.  

But Alan was also very interested in the social mission of our startup and open to sell the domain to us at an affordable price. As part of our agreement, he suggested a nice gesture would be to support bonobos, in memory of the origin of the name Monito.

We were happy to oblige. Please meet N’Djili, the baby bonobo we “adopted” by supporting the Bonobo Conservation Initiative in Congo.  


If you are interested in photography or if you need a professional photographer in Canada (Halifax, Dartmouth, HRM, Nova Scotia and the Maritimes of Canada), please have a look at Alan’s website on :