Switzerland may well be considered as a small country, it is a very international one. A lot of Swiss are living abroad, and Switzerland host a lot of expatriates from all over the world, which means a lot of people have good reasons to send money to Switzerland.

But as you’ll learn in detail on the guide we just published especially for people sending money to Switzerland, if you are still using your bank to convert your money into Swiss Francs and sending it to Switzerland, you are loosing a lot of money due to the poor exchange rates your bank is probably giving you.

There are now online services that offer much better rates and low fees to send your money to Switzerland, and it is now easy to find and compare them, to select which one to use for your next money transfer.

Find a better way to send money to Switzerland

On this page dedicated to Switzerland, you’ll be able to enter the country from which you are sending money to and get accurate comparison results for the exact amount you need to transfer to Switzerland.