On the same day we’re announcing our new name, we are also launching a brand new version of our website with awesome new features, and of course, a new look and feel adapted to our new brand identity.


Our core service is providing you with the most complete, accurate, and easy to understand information on money transfer services. After months of development and iterative testing, all our users are now accessing their comparison results in our new interface, allowing you to find the best provider for your next transaction by finding all the information you need in one place.

The first money transfer search engine

Factual information about the cost of a service, the speed of the transfer, the pay-in and pay-out methods available, are very useful to decide which provider to use. But it’s not always sufficient.

Switching to a new provider to send money abroad is often an important step, and most of us want to know more about a new company before using their services. That’s why we are now launching the first international money transfer service search engine, allowing you to find in-depth reviews, customer evaluations, step-by-step guides, multi-criteria scores and security information on more than 450 providers. This will help you find the right company for sending your money and try their services with confidence.


Join the club!

Because we want to offer even more to our users, we are also launching the Monito Club (still in beta). By joining, you get access to special deals, personalized advice from a money transfer expert, and soon, custom reports and alerts as well as a single sign-in solution, which will make it easier for you to switch between providers.


Discover our new website

A lot has changed on our website, and we invite you to explore it, starting on our brand new homepage. Don’t hesitate to play around with it by selecting different receiving countries, the background images may change to adapt to the destination of your transfer! If the country you want to send money to doesn’t have a custom image, don’t hesitate to suggest a picture in the comments.

As always, we welcome blunt and honest feedback on our website and services, so don’t hesitate to reach me at pascal@monito.com