Money sent by relatives living abroad are a lifeline for many people in Nigeria (as much as 3 million Nigerians are believed to receive money from overseas each year). In 2015, the Nigerian Diaspora collectively sent $20 billion US dollars to their home country, but according to our calculation, more than $600 million was lost in unnecessary transfer fees and poor exchange rates.

The situation in Nigeria is not easy, with economical difficulties and monetary policies leading to a great currency instability of the Naira. This makes money transfer more complicated (many providers stopped offering their services for money transfer to Nigeria), but also more important as the value of foreign currencies is higher.

The exchange rates offered can be very different from one provider to the other, and change over time. To make transferring money to Nigeria easier and to help you find which money transfer operator will give you the best rate, we just published a new page for our Nigerian users on our comparison website.

Find a better way to send money to Nigeria

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