Did you know that while Poland is (only) the 35th most populated country on earth, it has one of the largest diaspora in the world? With 20 people with polish origin currently living outside the country, poles represent more than 2% of the population of more than 10 different countries. The second biggest polish city (after Warsaw) is thought to be Chicago, in the United States.

No wonder that the amount of money transferred to Poland each year is almost 170 million zlotys. But this amount should be even bigger if less money was being lost in unnecessary fees and poor exchange rates.

A good proportion of our users are coming to our comparison website to find the best providers for their money transfer to Poland, comparing which solutions has the lowest fees and highest exchange rate to change their money into PLN.

We recently published a new page where we gather all our tips, advices and everything else you need to know when sending money to Poland.

Find a better way to send money to Poland

On this page, you’ll be able to enter the country from which you are sending money to Poland and get accurate comparison results for the exact amount you need to transfer.